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Obama coming to Charlotte

President Obama is coming to Charlotte Wednesday to talk about the economy, a White House official said this morning.

No details of the trip were available, reports The Charlotte Observer's Jim Morrill.

The president’s trip will come fives days after his wife’s visit. Michelle Obama is in town today for fundraisers and an appearance at the CIAA tournament.


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Will he sing for the people again?

maybe some more Al Greene as he laments his breakup wif Reggie ...

Welcome To NC

President Obama is the first & only president to keep the world abreast of what's honestly going on. We're looking forward to your visit to NC and welcome you with open arms. You continue to do an outstanding job by going the extra mile. You sincerely care about individuals and desire to make the world a better place. I would gladly cast my vote for such a sincere & honest person again. I have found no fault yet with you.

Send someone who knows something about the economy.

Send someone who knows something about the economy.

Should be a short visit

The economy sucks.  It's my fault.  Vote for me in November.

Preferable ??

Concerns that this is nothing but a blatant campaign junket ??? Of course it is but is that possibly "a good thing"??

If BHO is stump campaigning then he is not directly involved in dismantling America to reshape it to his, George and (the late) Saul's ideal.  Sure he has his czars busy doing that.....

He is what he is regardless.  Wonder if he will meet with Bill Faison?  THAT would be funny I bet.


I couldn't agree with you more.  It's campaigning and the DNC should be paying for every cent of it.

Who's turn to drive carpool this week?

Remember the furious Press so upset about carmakers taking corporate jets to a meeting in DC instead of carpooling? It was considered indecently decadent to waste all that money, considering they were saying they were in financial crisis. As a public service, why doesn't the N&O publish a running list of all the campaign trips made here to NC this year. We're going to have both Obamas and both Bidens within 2 weeks of each other, all traveling separately (Joe did meet up with Jill for the end of her bus tour, I don't know if he caught a ride back with her on the bus. Yeah, right) Not to mention all the other cabinet members campaigning for him on the federal dime.

Full time campaigner or leader of our country?

Does Obama or any of his staff ever get any work done for us, as all they seem to be doing is campaigning in North Carolina?  You would think that our country had no major problems given the limited amount of time that they actually spend trying to solve them. 

OBAMA visiting Charlotte

Talk about the economy?  We can hear him talk from DC so why not just say it's a campaign trip.  Once again, we taxpayers get to pay his bills.  I'm SO tired of this!

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