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NRCC: Pantano could be 'Young Gun'

Republican candidate for Congress Ilario Pantano has hit a crucial target and the National Republican Congressional Committee has named him a "Contender" in the Republican "Young Guns" program.

"Young Guns" is not, as far as Dome can tell, a reference to the Billy the Kid films (which is why we resisted using Bon Jovi lyrics in the headline). It's a program started in the 2008 election cycle by Republican U.S. Reps. Eric Cantor of Virgina, Kevin McCarthy of California and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The idea is to recruit young, conservative leaders.

Pantano, a Marine veteran and author, is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre of Lumberton. The "Contender" label means he has hit key fundraising targets and campaign goals set for him by the program.

He has another set of goals and targets to hit before he can be declared a "Young Gun."

What does all this mean? Well for Pantano, it's a way to tell voters and potential contributors that the national party has an eye on him.


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"Young Gun" Pantano brutally killed 2 unarmed Iraqi civilians

Ilario Pantano brutally killed 2 Iraqi civilians by emptying two clips, each containing 10 rounds from his M16 into the 2 unarmed men.  Repeat, Pantano emptied not one, but two clips from his M16 into 2 defenseless Iraqi civilians.   Remember, Pantano pumped 20 bullets at close range into 2 unarmed Iraqi civilians.   Then, after brutally killing 2 unarmed civilians, Pantano made a cardboard sign, "No better friend, no worse enemy," and left it at the scene of the crime.  After a formal 'hearing' Pantano resigned from the Marine Corps and went home to become an armed Deputy Sheriff and the author of his antobiography titled, "No better friend, No worse enemy."  Now, Pantano wants to cover up his past and go to Congress.  Pantano is not the man for the job, and he is not the woman for the job, either.  In fact, how did he get his current job as Deputy Sheriff?   I guess his potential new title, "Young Gun," is fitting -- if you like extremists, you will love Pantano.

Michael Savage is a great endorser! YES!

If Savage likes Pantano, then he is worthy of ALL votes!  Besides HOW MANY TERMS has McIntyre been in now?  Surely you folks are sick of him by bout some REAL CHANGE?  Dont EVER vote for another NC democrackkk, they keep us ALL oppressed!

Ilario labelled "escaped war criminal"

Here is a quote from the magazine Mother Jones about Pantano:  


"The central facts of the incident that made Ilario Pantano famous are not in dispute. On April 15, 2004, Pantano, a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, led a small group of Marines to search a suspected insurgent hideout in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, outside of Fallujah. As the patrol neared the house, two men tried to leave in a car. The Marines stopped, searched, and handcuffed the men. A Marine scoured the vehicle, but didn’t find anything incriminating. After other Marines found weapons in the house, Pantano had the men uncuffed and ordered them to search the car themselves. At some point during that search, Pantano felt threatened by the two men. He shot them both—pausing to load a second magazine into his M-16 before emptying that clip too. Then he placed a cardboard sign reading ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’—the motto of his Marine battalion—on top of the car. He wanted ‘to send a message to these Iraqis and others,’ he said later.

"For a time in 2005, it looked like Pantano might be court-martialed for killing the two Iraqis. One of his subordinates claimed the shooting was unjustified. But the prosecution’s case collapsed in an early hearing, and Pantano was never even tried. The judge in charge of the hearing recommended non-judicial punishment—but Pantano’s commander didn’t agree, and he was never disciplined."

The columnist, Justin Raimondo, has labelled Pantano, "an escaped war criminal."

Pantano -- Young Gun with Old Ideas

Ilario Pantano is a young man with old, outmoded ideas.  Pantano is strongly opposed to women's rights.  Pantano advocates more US wars in the Middle East.  Pantano is eager to provoke China, America's biggest trading partner and the leading source of US finance for our national debt.  Pantano is not qualified for Congress; he is simply too poorly informed.  Pantano should keep his day job as a Deputy Sheriff.  Pantano first came to national attention in 2004 when he was accused of "premeditated murder" of 2 Iraqis.  After a lengthy and dramatic Article 32 hearing, Pantano quietly resigned and was discharged honorably, ie. by the skin of his teeth.  According to Pantano's Wikipedia article, the Article 32 Hearing was the most interesting feature of his life, as it is recorded in lurid detail.  Michael Savage is a major backer of Pantano.  If you want a right-wing-nut with a lurid military background to represent you in Congress, Pantano's definitely your man.

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