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NRCC accuses McIntyre of outsourcing jobs to China in new TV ad

The National Republican Congressional Committee is airing a new TV ad against Rep. Mike McIntyre, who is running for reelection in North Carolina's Seventh District.

The ad accuses McIntyre, who opposes Republican David Rouzer, of "spending billions of taxpayer dollars to create jobs in foreign countries like China."

NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek in a release tried to tie McIntyre to President Barack Obama by pointing to his voting record.

Watch the ad and read the transcript below:

ANNOUNCER: Mike McIntyre still talks like an independent in North Carolina.

But his votes in Washington tell a different story.

He voted to allow billions of tax payer dollars to go to foreign companies and outsourced American jobs.

McIntyre voted for higher taxes on social security, small businesses, middle class families, even marriage.

And McIntyre endorsed Obama and then supported him 82 percent of the time.

What happened Mike?


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Three finger rule

Republicans very often accuse other people of doing what Republicans are guilty of doing. This is clearly one of those cases of preempting an attack. My momma always said, "if you point a finger, there are three fingers pointed back at you."

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