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NRA ad targets Kay Hagan's seat

The National Rifle Association has a full-page ad in Thursday's The News & Observer. The national group is targeting North Carolina and three other Republican-leaning states where Democratic senators are up for re-election next year, The Hill newspaper reports.

"Will Obama's own gun control proposals actually work? His own experts say no," the ad reads. It tells readers: “Call Sen. Kay Hagan today. Tell her to oppose Obama’s gun control proposals and to fix our broken mental health system.”

Also in their sights: Sen. Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Sen. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) and the West Virginia seat being vacated by Sen. Jay Rockefeller who is retiring.

The Hill says the NRA's big ad buy also includes a full-page ad in Maine, where Republican Sen. Susan Collins is up for re-election, and in regional editions of USA Today, plus a YouTube video that's been viewed 275,000 times.


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Political ads

I remember seeing a TV ad within 24 hours of the election in November that asked people to contact Senator Hagan about her support for some energy issue. "Call Sen. Kay Hagan today," the ad intoned, just like this NRA ad. I smell a massive right-wing conspiracy.

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