Under the Dome

Note to Clinton: Dana's a guy

Dana CopeThe Hillary Clinton campaign released its list of women supporters in North Carolina today.

Among the more than 100 names of female politicians, party activists and community leaders, this one stood out:

Dana Cope, President, State Employees Association North Carolina, Raleigh

The last time Dome — uh, "checked" is not the right word here — Cope was a man.

"It happens quite often that he gets mistaken for a woman," said his assistant Pat Guess. "I can always tell when someone doesn't know him because they ask for Miss Cope."

Update: Laura Leslie spots another (wo)man on the list: Ashley Thrift, a Winston-Salem attorney who once served as chief of staff for Sen. Ernest Hollings.

"Perhaps no one at Clinton's HQ is conversant with the Southern penchant for unisex first names," she writes.

Second Update: The Clinton campaign sent Dome a statement on the mix-up: "We are proud of the broad support Senator Clinton has from women... and men across North Carolina."

Hat Tip: Matthew Eisley

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