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North Carolina's marriage vote second lowest total in the South

North Carolina approved an amendment Tuesday to enshrine a ban on gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in the state constitution -- a vote that received international attention.

To put it in perspective, the amendment passed 61 percent to 39 percent -- the second lowest approval rating in the South, more than Virginia's 57 percent and less than Florida's 62 percent.

Nationwide, North Carolina voters gave it a higher percentage approval than eight states but less than 22 others.


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You don't draw pictures on the scorecard

Will the actual numbers be a part of the amendment?  Or will the amendment be added to the constitution without the vote totals?

More context on southern amendments

The threshold to pass the Florida amendment was 60%.  So that one passed the mark by 2% in 2008.

The Virginia amendment passed 57-43 in 2006.

NC passed this amendment by 61-39 in 2012.

It does not speak well for NC amendment opponents that they had 4 and 6 years more than FL and VA respectively, yet still lost by a larger margin.

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