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North Carolina TV markets in top 10 nationwide for political ads

This isn't news to North Carolina TV viewers -- but parts of the state are seeing more political advertising than anywhere else in the country as the state's status as a battleground in the 2012 comes into picture.

The state's three largest TV markets -- Greensboro-HighPoint, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte -- are in the top 10 nationwide for the concentration of political advertising, according to an NBC/SMG Delta analysis. (They sit at No. 3, 5 and 8, respectively. See full list below.)

It comes as Mitt Romney's campaign launches a $2 million ad buy this week, putting a quarter of the money into North Carolina. The New York Times writes that Romney's campaign is putting a priority on winning North Carolina, which President Barack Obama's team is also emphasizing.

The top market for TV advertising from May 28 to June 4 is Norfolk-Portsmouth, which also reaches into northeastern North Carolina. The NBC analysis includes campaign spending and super PAC money from the conservative Crossroads and the Obama-backing Priorities USA. (All except PrioritiesUSA are working the Tar Heel markets.)

With Romney's new ad buy -- running this ad -- the Republican and related political groups surpassed the Obama-Democratic effort. But don't expect it to last -- and don't expect the political TVs from subsiding anytime soon.

According to the NBC/SMG Delta anayHere are the top 10 advertising markets:

-- Norfolk-Portsmouth (Obama/1500, Romney/1400, Crossroads/730, Priorities/450)

-- Roanoke-Lynchburg (Obama/1500, Romney/1500, Crossroads/750)

-- Greensboro-High Point (Romney/1400, Obama/1100, Crossroads/780)

-- Columbus, OH (Romney/1400, Obama/1000, Crossroads/525, Priorities/365)

-- Raleigh-Durham (Obama/1200, Romney/1100, Crossroads/840)

-- Richmond-Petersburg (Obama/1100, Romney/1100, Crossroads/340, Priorities/315)

-- Cedar Rapids (Obama/1300, Romney/1100, Crossroads/340)

-- Charlotte (Romney/1200, Obama/1000, Crossroads/515)

--Cincinnati (Romney/1200, Obama/1000, Crossroads/460)

--Colorado Springs (Obama/1400, Crossroads/630, Priorities/420)

See a breakdown of states and more here.


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Ask him?

Seriously? I don't know the man. Why don't you just admit you don't have proof to back up your statement?

You can....

google back to late summer/fall of 2008.  I'm sure Jim will recall it and acknowledge it.  Jim IS a Liberal but he is also "honest".  Ask him.

Actually I don't recall Jim

Actually I don't recall Jim saying that about McCain's ads. Could you please cite your source?

Don't mind someone not printing lies...

I hope more outlets take WRAL's approach and show a bit of ethics about what they put on the air.

Political Lies should be denied a voice... and nobody lies and misinforms like the republican party. 


So will Jim Goodmon....

Is Jim Goodmon's WRAL-TV losing enough $$$ these days that he will be airing Repub candidate ads this go-round ?

We all recall that Jim refused to air John McCain's ads last time.  Jim's concept of "public airways" is a little confused in recent years.  Got to give Jim credit - he has openly admitted his news dept has been told to only report "facts" favorable to "his side".  That, of course, is just fine with Laura Leslie.  She's even farther Left than Jim is.   Heck, she's farther Left than Rob Christensen and Steve Ford.

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