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North Carolina not a swing state in New York Times analysis

The New York Times broke down the swing states in the presidential race -- and one notable absence: North Carolina.

The newspaper's analysis Sunday concluded that North Carolina is "leaning Romney" and not a toss-up. "The state is reliably Republican, even though the demographics are steadily shifting in favor of Democrats," it stated. The nine swing states: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Take a look at the newspaper's electoral map here -- and check out how North Carolina gets shuffled around in the eight different scenarios.


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What do they know?

Basically the NYT is saying that President Obama's re-election campaign team understands reality less well than it does.

Which is conceivable, and therefore terrifying.

And we care why?

Probably the only news paper less credible than the N&O.

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