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N&O launches new fact-checking blog for 2012 election year

Dome is proud to announce the launch of a new fact-checking blog today. The News & Observer's political team has long tracked whether North Carolina politicians rhetoric matched reality. But now it will have a home for the 2012 election cycle.

You'll find two new fact checks from the Democratic gubernatorial debates at the site. See whether Bob Etheridge really improved test scores as state superintendent and whether Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton accurately depicted the number of jobs the state created through an incentives program. Also, find previous fact checks on the debate, Gov. Bev Perdue, political advertising and the legislature.

We welcome feedback from readers. If you see a campaign advertisement or political speech that needs fact checking, send us an email at And check back regularly for posts.


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Sometimes it is hard to tell the articles from the real thing.

"If you see a campaign advertisement or political speech that needs fact checking...."

How about if it is an article written by the News & Observer that is actually a campaign advertisement or political speech?  Do you still contact you or is there any need?  Thanks for the clarification.

Read more here:


This is the equivalent of Bobby Petrino opening a marriage counseling service in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Fact Checking for N&O

Maybe they need to launch a fact checking blog for their own exaggerated, pot stirring, scandal-mongering, anti-government, anti-law enforcement, anti anything except John Edwards stories.  I am to the point that I would believe Bev Perdue before I would a N&O reporter/editor.

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