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No deal reached on jobless benefits

Partisan gridlock: A legislative week passed with no one blinking in the staredown over employment benefits and the state budget. The disagreement between the parties will leave 37,000 long-term unemployed without benefits for a second week.

To recap: The legislature passed, with no Democratic votes, a bill that ties extended federal unemployment benefits with a provision that essentially disarms Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue in budget negotiations.

Perdue vetoed the bill, and extended benefits ended for the 37,000 people on Saturday.

Democrats want to the legislature to pass the unemployment benefits without the budget attachment. Republicans say no dice. They want four House Democrats to vote with Republicans to override Perdue's veto. Senate Republicans have a veto-proof membership advantage.

So there they sat, with little public discussion for most of this week.

House Minority Leader Joe Hackney sent out a statement Thursday afternoon.
“The Republican majority again sat idly this week as 37,000 unemployed people in North Carolina went without benefits," the Orange County Democrat wrote. "They are making the people of this state who are looking for work pay the price for their inaction.”

Benefits will be paid retroactively if there's an agreement sometime this year.


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This is incorrect

The bill you are referring to is H383.  It was originally titled "AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE COMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY REFORM AND INVESTMENT ACT OF 2011."

All of those people, a bipartisan group, co-sponsored the initial bill related to telecommunications.  The final edition of the bill was changed completely - something not rare in the General Assembly - and thus they voted no.

Who's playing games?  The folks who decided that unemployment benefits had to have a unnecessary pre-emptive continuing resolution added.  Democratic Rep. Wainwright filed a bill to extend unemployment benefits on April 5 (H676).  It was co-sponsored by  12 other members, all Democrats.  This bill was referred to the Committee on Rules which is where bills that the leadership doesn't like go to die.  So really, who's playing games?  Democrats filed what should have been a uncontroversial legislation that should have had no problem getting a 119-0 vote in the House.  Instead, that bill was sent to die while the GOP took control of a bipartisan, unrelated bill and changed it completely.

It's hilarious that not a single Republican sponsored or co-sponsored this legislation the Robin Hayes, the king of layoffs and state GOP chair, decides to issue some statement of sympathy for those losing benefits.  

Nice try on the research, patriot.  I guess your tea wasn't strong enough this morning though.


This article is misleading highlighting the N&O's inability to provide factual information in attempts to mischaracterize the Republicans. 

This legislation was sponsored by: Reps Brubaker (R), McComas (R), Wainwright (D) Tolson (D)

Cosponsored by: Reps Adams (D) Cotham (D) Earle (D) Gill (D) Hilton (R) Jackson (D) Jeffus (D) LaRoque (R) Lucas (D) Michaux (D) Mobley (D) T. Moore (R) Pierce (D) Steen (R) H. Warren (R) 

How come the Democrats put their name on the legislationa, then after Governor Perude called former Speaker Hackney and told him no, they decided to vote NO.  Just further proof that Governor Perdue is playing games. 

I know someone who has been

I know someone who has been out of work for two years. She was fired from a job, contested it and was able to receive benefits. While she did apply for jobs she only applied for jobs in her field....and had no luck inside of NC. I suggested some other options that would have paid nearly the same wage. No, I want to do _______. Her benefits have been cut, now she's all upset. I reminded her that she could have looked for jobs in other fields but no, she thinks the state should pay out until she finds something she wants. I think not.

Blaming either party is a

Blaming either party is a fallacy, as both parties have failed the people, equally.

We're talking about people who have been unemployed for almost 2 years, they're not going to find work, period, get over it.

We can spend money on fruitless endeavours, i.e. paying people to not work, or cut spending and cut taxes to invite private investment, which will put people to work. Duh!

Oh, and, oh, yeah, V! Nah, not really. Doh! I'm Nonanonymous! Go Jaguars, err, Wolverines!



Principal re:Yes. The GOP is Darth Vador....

 The person who should spank you for your lack of principle.

Food for thought

Food for an imperiled  family vs. conservative "thought" -- Isn't there a UN committee that examines these types of decisions, looking for crimes against humanity?

This is insane

I am a Republican and they are really starting to get on my nerves with this. Using the unemployed and starving them out is pathetic. They are like a bunch of kids down there arguing over some toy in the playground.

I am seriously thinking about changing parties in the next election after this.

Yes. The GOP is Darth Vador....

Yep. Yep. Conservatives are idiots...

Who employes you idiots libs? Rich conservatives.

Who buys the goods & services that you idiots libs produce in your jobs working for rich conservatives; Rich conservatives.

If the Rich Conservatives politically based their hire decisions on whether you were a lib on a conservative; the un-employment rate would be 50%+. No stupid libs.

On a job interview wednesday, the HR director tried to find out what political party I was. I danced. ObamaCare was a huge issue. It is costing this company huge. I tried to indicate I was conservative. But I wanted the job. So I hedged.

Is this the new future???

Republicans are a symptom of America's growing stupidity

I just read an article stating some 45% of Republican voters don't think Barack Obama was born in the United States, and 22% are on the fence.  This despite numerous photocopies of his birth certificate circulating in the press, state officials verifying the records, and two newspapers clearly showing the birth announcement.

Why do Republicans keep pushing the birther argument?  Because they are gullible sheep with little intelligence.  They are a symptom of everything wrong with this country, and while they howl about Democrats bringing about the end of the United States, their drooling ignorance of the world around them is what's really to blame.

Look at what Republican elected officials are doing.  Privatizing Social Security, destroying Medicaid, and turning Medicare into a corporate voucher program.  This is nothing short of the rape of the middle class for the benefit of mega-corporations and the ultra-rich.

These sexual assaults on the middle class affect the Republican rank and file just as much (if not more) than Democrats, but the gun nuts, religious extremists, and aspiring rich are too ignorant and narcissistic to realize it.

Some 30+ years of Republican leadership have lead to a $500+ billion/year trade deficit, $10+ trillion budget deficit, an unemployment rate near 10%, and declining real wages for the middle class ... while the ultra-rich and mega-corporations have pocketed trillions at everyone else's expense.  Our economy is in decline, and if history is any indication, our military power won't be too far behind it.

I hope for the sake of the country that these ignorant fools wake up to the folly of their ways before it's too late!

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