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New video blasts GOP for targeting Democratic women in redistricting process

The N.C. Democratic Party is circulating a Web video highlighting how the GOP-drawn redistricting maps appear to target outspoken Democratic women legislators.

Titled "GOP War on Women," the video starts with Rep. Deborah Ross calling the Republicans new maps "an assault on women." Betty McCain, the former chairwoman of the party, says the women are being "punished" for speaking out.

The video -- which uses maps to show how Republicans moved women lawmakers into others districts -- focuses on how three of the six women in the Senate were double-bunked with another lawmaker. "We'll lose the presence of women in the General Assembly because of that," said Rep. Alma Adams.


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What a pity party!

Boo hoo hoo.  Poor democrats. This is such a pity party. Quit Whining. The democrats did this to the republicans for 100 years in North Carolina! Suck it up. Geez.

Of all the nerve

Republicans declaring war on women?!  Oh please!  The Democrats who controlled the NC General Assembly didn't even pass the 19th amendment until well into the 1970s!  Liberal women do not represent all women.  Maybe some Democrat women will lose their seats.  Good.  Let's replace them with Republican Women!

The Republican attack on women

Thank goodness someone is calling attention to the Republican attack on women's rights.   For thousands of years, women have struggled for rights denied them by men.  Now the Republicans want to roll back the clock on women's rights.  Shame on them!!

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