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New Republican ad ties Kissell to Obama, unemployment numbers

The National Republican Congressional Committee has released a new TV ad tying  Rep. Larry Kissell to Barack Obama and North Carolina's high unemployment.

"Kissell has supported President Obama’s failed policies that have devastated North Carolina's economy," said the group's spokeswoman, Andrea Bozek, in a release announcing the ad. "It's time to give Kissell a pink slip before he can do even more damage.

Richard Hudson is Kissell's Republican opponent in the hotly-contested 8th District race.

ANNOUNCER: His family counts on him.

But the failed policies of Larry  Kissell and Barack Obama  left him behind.

And he’s not the only one.

450,000 North Carolinians out of work.

Unemployment nearly 10%.

The wasteful Obama-Kissell stimulus allowed our tax dollars to create jobs in China, while families were struggling here.

Kissell’s votes cost us jobs.

Isn’t it time to give Larry a pink slip?

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