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Sheriffs flag 3,100 for removal

Seven counties participating in a program designed to flag illegal immigrants in county jails have flagged for deportation or removal proceedings more than 3,100 people since January.

That figure represents 70 percent of the 4,500 prisoners interviewed in the seven jails that are participating in a federal program designed to allow county and local officials to help enforce federal immigration laws, said Eddie Caldwell, executive vice president and general counsel of the N.C. Sheriffs' Association.

Caldwell's gave the figures for the seven counties as part of a presentation to a legislative oversight committee on crime and corrections.

Under Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996, local law enforcement agencies can be granted authority to handle immigration. The seven counties participating in the program are Alamance, Cabarrus, Cumberland, Gaston, Henderson, Mecklenburg and Wake.

On Jan. 1, a law went into effect requiring jail operators to try to determine the residency status of anyone arrested for impaired driving or a felony. But the counties participaing in the federal partnership have much greater access to federal immigration resources.

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Correction: Post and headline have been updated to reflect that it's the federal partnership, not the state law, that most directly led to the removal proceedings.


Between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, jailers in those seven counties interviewed 4,511 people about their residency status, according to statistics presented by the Sheriffs' Association.

Of those 3,182 were placed in deportation proceedings. Another 177 had immigration detainers against them and were were likely headed toward deportation proceedings.

The Sheriffs' Association received state money to help counties participate in the federal program. Caldwell was reviewing on the organization's activities for the legislative oversight committee.

State Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, a Carrboro Democrat, asked whether the law had encouraged racial profiling.

Caldwell said he doesn't believe the law encourages profiling, but it's impossible to say it's never happened.

"I can't make that commitment to you of all the thousands of people who are being interviewed across the state," Caldwell said. "We condemn it and don't condone it."

Update: Post now includes more complete comments from Caldwell.


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Re: New law leads to deportations

Oh I forgot, what about if a county attorney has a factory farm and is employing illegals? What might be the ramifications? Joby Warrick could have a good time with this issue. Alas.

Re: New law leads to deportations


Re: Sheriffs flag 3,100 for removal

You know, I keep hearing about program, after program to deport illegals, but I seem to see more, and more illegals, everyday. Seems like it's just a waste of everybodys time, an valuable (M O N E Y). Every time you turn around, the deported illegals, always seems to return, and guess what, more valuable (M O N E Y), is needed to repeat the same process. Maybe someone, will use just a little common sence, and just start enforcing laws that already are on the books, you think? (3000) marked for deportation, Hmmm! compared to how many millions are here? Oh yeah, I forgot, it's going to take several new programs, and more of that valuable (M O N E Y) to get (ILLEGALS) out of this country, and don't forget, that (M O N E Y)!!! that is being used, once belonged to (YOU & ME).

Re: New law leads to deportations

George, I agree with you about the owners and executives of companies that hire illegal aliens, they should definitely face jail time and huge fines. However, the State, which has the authority to exceed Federal laws and penalties, has not seen fit to address this problem, and that in turn now makes it a large problem for State residents. The basic problem lies in the tax code, which legitimizes the use of "C" Corporation tax status and indemnifies all those responsible executives and investors from every personal liability for business transactions, except fraudulent stock maneuvers. Do you remember Enron?

If you look at your NC tax form you will see that NC does not follow Federal Tax laws for individuals (there are numerous additions and changes to net Federal Income},and I suggest they should either start following it for individuals, or stop recognizing the Federal C Corp status for businesses, return the personal responsibility clause, and make addition's to their taxable income as they do to individuals. The State does not give "S" Corporations, Partnerships and Individual Proprietors this kind of protection: they pay the same tax rates and already have the same changes made to their Federal income as individual's have.

The viewpoint of State executives and the Legislature on this problem with their continued refusal to rectify this discrimination against citizens needs to be addressed by every citizen, and if it continues, by every voter two years from now. It has gone on far too long and now has far too much disparity.

In the meantime your County has the authority to exceed, but not go below, Federal and State regulations in every area not spelled out in the Constitution, and could implement (as some in other states have done) more rigorous rules to combat this problem - such as demanding that businesses and/or individuals reimburse the County's cost and expenditure's for all County services provided to any who prove to be here illegally. This should result in an immediate decrease in their budgets as well as your Property Tax expense, and help out a little because about 97% of the people who have come here illegally and stayed have done so only because they were offered jobs.

The fact that none of our elected officials are doing it is something all citizens should address with their votes, because that is what constitutes the freedom of this Country. Plainly put - if you don't vote, or don't bother to keep yourself informed regarding what you feel should be important - then you really don't have anything to say on either side of a problem.

Re: New law leads to deportations

So what would happen especially in southeastern NC if immigration decided to pay a vist to the couple thousand or so factory farms and found illegal aliens working and found that these factory farms are owned by upstanding business leaders in the community and officers sworn to uphold the law? Just curious of course.

Re: New law leads to deportations

Go in Lowes and the signs are in English and Spanish. You want the true Mexican experience, ride through Burgaw. It is unreal. Check out their flea market at the stockyard. Immigration officials could probably round up a few hundred people.

Re: New law leads to deportations

But then I heard today Home Depot is vamping up a new web page solely designed for Mexicans. How sweet. Everywhere things are now there for those that speak English and Spanish. When will it stop? Sadly it won't........

Re: New law leads to deportations

George32, I've said this many times about the factory farms, slaughterhouses, etc. Kinda scary when you have local sheriffs. state troopers, deputies, etc., that are factory farmers and they might be the ones employing illegals. It's time for a trip to the factory farm. Hold your nose.

Re: New law leads to deportations

the article said 70% of thoe interviewed not arrested so presumably they did not interview those who had clear evidence of citizenship such as valid ssn's, green cards etc. as long as meatpackers, commercial farmers, contractors, etc. are not really punished we will continue to have people coming here illegally because they will get hired. if chairmen and ceos faced prison time and personal fines rather than the lowest level and least paid supervisors the problem will continue unabated. as usual the executves want the compensation, but not the responsibility.

Re: New law leads to deportations


Re: New law leads to deportations

Wow, 70% of the 4500 prisoners... That certainly is a high number. Is there any doubt we have a problem.

Re: New law leads to deportations

where is a quote from a republican News and Disutrber?? oh, you didnt bother to get one. thats ok. you've been doing this for so long, you just simply forgot!

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