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New Holding ad sounds "unglued" theme

George Holding's campaign for 13th congressional district has a new TV ad, picking up on strategist Carter Wrenn's comments last week that Paul Coble's campaign was "coming unglued."

Why else would Coble criticize Holding for prosecuting former Sen. John Edwards and investigating former Gov. Mike Easley, the ad asks? "Coble's campaign is falling apart, and it's not pretty," the ad says.

What rattled the Holding campaign were remarks Coble made to an online magazine that covers the U.S. Department of Justice, saying the Edwards prosecution was politically motivated and that there was practically no payoff in the Easley case. Wastes of money and done to advance Holding's political career, Coble suggested.


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Holding whiffed on Easley, pure and simple

Either one would be better than Brad Miller, but, honestly, how many congressmen do the banks need to own in Washington? Don't they have enough already? Yes, they do.

Georgie Holdingcorp says he "cleaned up politics in North Carolina." Oh?

Let's see: Easley got scads of free campaign flights, his wife got a b.s. university job at a grossly inflated salary, he finagled free restoration work at his house and fraudulently billed it to his campaign pilot, he got the sweetheart-of-all-time deal on a coastal water lot, and then (according to The Nuisance and Disturber) apparently falsified his federal HUD closing statement.

And for all these transgressions, the mighty crime fighter George E.B. Holding made dang sure that Easley got ... a paltry $1,000 fine, a temporary suspension of his law license, not a single second of prison time -- and not even a basic admission of guilt to a single criminal charge. Instead, Easley was allowed to plead no contest and no admission. Weak!

I'm sorry, George, but that's pathetic.

Paul Coble has proven that he will get the job done.

George Holding has proven that he can't, or won't.

Get off of my TV!

Hey Carter! How much of that quarter-million dollar campaign debt George Holding is carrying due to your wasted monthly retainer! What happens when your golden boy Holding loses on May 8th? Do you become an indentured servant to First Citizens Bank?!

Get your garbage off my TV! I'm sick of your PAC ads! No one can tell the difference between the super PAC and the campaign because there is none! And while your at it, get your garbage off my radio! I haven't been able to enjoy Rush for weeks!!!

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