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NCAE video alleges plot to destroy public schools

The N.C. Association of Educators has a video linking House Majority Leader Paul Stam, Wake Board of Education Chairman Ron Margiotta and businessmen Art Pope and Bob Luddy in an alleged plan to destroy public schools.

It picks up on a theme that got its footing last year as a new majority took over the Wake County School Board.

The video creates a narrative with graphics, still photos, and audio clips of Stam, who is pushing for tax credits for parents who send their children to private school.

Luddy, founder of the private Thales academies and a public charter school, was the largest donor to the Wake County School Board majority, and its chairman, Ron Margiotta, was on the board of trustees for Thales Academy in Apex.

Luddy gave a $4,000 contribution to Stam's campaign, the maximum allowed.

Pope, a big contributor to the Wake GOP last year, objects to characterizations that he is against public schools.


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Another John Wilson Production

If NEA doesn't replace John Wilson, the organization will continue to support losing political candidates. And teachers will find diminishing public support.

Oh Boy Oh Boy .....

Does the NCAE video mention the Knights Templar, Jack Ruby and what REALLY happened to Amelia Earhart?

Is Art Pope the AntiChrist?

How does Crystal Mangum fit in all this?

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