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N.C. State faculty disagree with McCrory

Meanwhile, at N.C. State University, a new poll shows that professors don't see eye to eye with Gov. Pat McCrory regarding his recent comments on higher education in the much-talked about interview with radio talk show host Bill Bennett.

In a student-run survey known as the Pack Poll, 85 percent of faculty disagreed or strongly disagreed with McCrory's comment that gender studies should be housed at private universities and not subsidized by taxpayers.

Regarding the governor's comments that university funding should be based not on butts in seats but on "how many of those butts can get jobs," 82 percent of faculty disagreed.

When asked to rank the most important things a university can provide its students, the top answer of NCSU faculty was "a broad-based education that promotes intellectual growth," followed by "skills and knowledge that will be of general value in the working world," "training for a specific career or profession," and finally "help students improve their future earning potential."

The online poll was conducted Feb. 6-7 and drew 172 faculty responses. The margin of error was plus or minus 6.8 percentage points.

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