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NC Senate seeks to wipe out Dix lease

A state Senate bill seeks to change the lease between the state and the City of Raleigh for Dorothea Dix property.SB 334 directs the state and the city to enter into a new lease that is at fair market value and upholds the property’s commitment to serving the mentally ill.

The current contract calls for the city to pay $500,000 a year with a 1.5 percent annual increase to lease a portion of the property for fair market value. Raleigh intends to build a park on the property.

The bill would put an end to plans to move state Department of Health and Human Services employees. Any revenues from the property lease would go into a special fund for mental health.


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Special funds already in place

This calls to mind the $25 million the legislature "loaned" from the NC Escheats Fund to the Global Transpark. I think the "loan" grew to somewhere around $44 million with interest before it was decided that the Global Transpark could not pay.

I don't think the legislators have to look too far to find pots of money as long as the project in question has the right politics.

From what I understand money gets to the Escheats Fund when people die with no identifiable heirs. So the thinking may be that the people really wanted their money to go to the Global Transpark. That's why I got me a $10 will.

special fund to pillage as needed

I worry anytime the government wants to put money aside for a good cause. I think of social security, NC Highway Tax, Education Lottery...they all end up in the budget being spent on the legislators' pet projects!

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