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N.C. House passes budget with super-majority

The state House tentatively passed the $19.7 billion budget with a 73-44 super-majority.

The House is expected to take its final vote shortly after midnight and send it to Gov. Bev Perdue.

Democrats said the budget harms public schools, mental health and other public services. Republicans said Democrats' predictions of doom were overblown.

Seventy-three votes would be enough to override a veto. Perdue has repeatedly bashed the budget, but has not indicated whether she would veto it.


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Good For Them

Education is important to everyone, but keeping sorry Teachers because they are special is crazy. Replace Teachers like everyone else, they have a part time job with full time pay and benefits more days off than anyone in the State and someone to do their job while at school. If I were a Teacher I wouldn't want to loose my cushy job either. There are to many in the field of Education with Titles making over $100.000 per year riding the taxpayer and doing nothing and it's time to stop it.

If you compare Teachers salaries to other State Employees they are paid generously and with much more benefits. So let them find employment elsewhere if they are unhappy..................................

Veto Over Ride

The rino's are coming on board. The force is taking over the evil empire of the libs...

Ba Bye....

Hell No, Veto

Veto the damned thing, and anything else that crawls up the street from the legislature, including that worthless bunch of Democrats that turn coated.  We will find out what price they took for their treachery--they should face primaries, win lose or draw, in 2012 and our goal should be to inflict discipline, totally.  Dont care if they are in perilous districts.  Better to just have Republican teaparty types in there than traitors.

Ba Bye Bev

She & you libs are toast in the next election. How is the ?itch going be be relected with NC unemployment over 10% and jobs leaving the state???

She cannot ride the ??? coat tails again.

Ba Bye. Go Straight to jail. Join john john in fed prison.

Wow. Sleaze bucket convicted by the feds and buv buckets under fed investigation. You libs got great candidates / prison candidates.

Who is you next candidate? Mini Coopergate? Ruffin Pool Boy?

Ba Bye Bev

Not if votes are on record.....that would ring a political death knell for those who vote again for this travesty 

Ba Bye Bev

We don't need your signature. We will super majority you...

N.C. House Passes Budget

1. The sales tax in North Carolina is definitely 7.75% and I think the food tax is 2%.  I don't know what year you're living in but we definitely pay these taxes today.

2.  Corporations pay almost no effective tax by the time they get all their credits and breaks for locating in our state with no unions to protect these workers whom you assert pay all the taxes for public services they use.  If workers were paid what they are really worth instead of CEO's being paid like royalty, then we wouldn't need public schools to begin with.  Furthermore, if upper level government cut their waste and their paychecks, if they cut out politicians special projects that benefit their associates and friends, and if big businesses truly paid their fair share of taxes we wouldn't have a budget problem.

3.  What difference does it make about the type of children coming into classrooms?  It seems an education is essential for creating productive citizens.  Are you suggesting we stop providing public education and allow children to grow up illiterate criminals that we'll have to pay to incarcerate?


Time to take a stand

Gov. Perdue, you and the good people of North Carolina know this budget is a sham!!!  Please take a stand against the far right wing disease that favors the rich and powerful over the hard-working middle and lower classes of our great state.  North Carolina has historically been a place where the working poor and middle class have prospered; and now that is threatened by those with money and power.  The right wing "budget" is bad for North Carolina and hurts our most vulnerable citizens who need the most help.  The rich and powerful do not need any more help from the government.  There are more good, common folks out here that are opposed to the far right tilt of our government than you realize.   We need your help to show us how to take a stand for all of North Carolina, not just the rich.

if your going to be critical...

you need to be specific and point out exactly what parts are incorrect and why those errors have led to a weakened argument. Its not very convincing to just say "your grammar sucks".  Its more likely you are not capable of reading a sentence containing apositives, and you are the one that needs a little work in the grammar department, as I felt the sentence structure was perfectly fine.  I suspect there's a little too much American Idol and not enough Henry James in your life...  and in case you did not know, emails and forum discussions are not held to the same grammar standards as formal writing.

You are a teacher? With all

You are a teacher? With all due respect, after reading your post and observing your grammar, I hope you are not an English teacher.  

N.C House passes budget

The Republicans who ran for state office in N.C. made it very clear that they were united on two major issues: 1. cutting taxes and 2. jobs in N.C.  They are working diligently to accomplish both of their goals, cutting taxes and cutting jobs in N.C.  This is called obfuscation.  One of the most egregious mistakes in N.C. legislative history was cutting the sales tax on food, a favorite issue of those seeking higher office at the time, and now another is the cry for eliminating the current 1 cent sales tax.  These taxes, sales taxes, are the only tax money that we will reap from a large portion of our population , many of whom are filling our classrooms with children that must be educated, with the valuable help of a teacher assistant, and creating a demand for new classrooms that taxpayers must provide. School children today are a very different generation from the generation I attended school with in my day.  Voters should remember a very basic rule in politics:  radical cuts in taxes paid will result in radical cuts in services provided.  Remember this at the next election on the state and national level. I have been a teacher in the classroom since 1970 and I have "observed a lot just by watching."


Gee. Somehow they left BI-PARTISAN out of the story. The N&O is not playing politics with facts. NEVER.



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