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N.C. governor says gun control effort in Washington is 'foolish'

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory downplayed the importance of the gun debate in Washington, a day after the president announced measures in response to the Newtown school shooting.

"What happened to all we were going to talk about was the economy," McCrory told a Raleigh radio station. "I think we have plenty of gun laws on the books" that aren't enforced.

Soon after the Connecticut shooting, McCrory appeared open to the idea of more armed guards in the schools but he didn't mention the idea in the interview Thursday. "Let's work with the laws on the books," he said. "We don't need any more laws."

McCrory said the anti-gun people are just shooting themselves in the foot with the discussion about banning assault weapons. "You are only getting more people to buy new guns," he said. "This is foolish."

UPDATE: The N.C. Democratic Party breathlessly weighed in by midday, calling McCrory's comments "atrocious." Spokesman Clay Pittman issued a statement reading in part:

The Governor has gone off the edge, hand in hand the radical right-wing, on the issue of gun control in this state and in this country. ... North Carolina needs a governor who is willing to take on the tough questions, and show true leadership on this issue. Instead, what we’re left with, is Governor McCrory dismissing gun control efforts as 'foolish.' North Carolinians should be disgusted. ... Would he say that to the families of the 335 North Carolinians who were shot and killed in 2011 (the last year that data is readily available)? Would he say that to the families of the 87 people across the United States that are gunned down every day? That it’s “foolish” to think that this country would be a safer place without assault weapons? That it’s “foolish” to think that military-style clips have no place on this country’s streets? Would he say it to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, to the families of the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech, or the 12 killed in Aurora, CO? Would he say that to the families of the 27 people, including 20 children, that were killed last month in Newtown? Governor McCrory should be ashamed. North Carolinians deserve better."


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Why do you need an AR-15

Why do you "need" an AR-15?

Why did Rosa Parks "need" to sit at the front of the bus?
Why do you "need" an abortion?
Why do "need" the right to vote?

In a Free country there is NO requirement to show "need" to exercise a right.

You liberals should be ashamed of yourselves.
Bad Democrats! Now go to your room!

And for those who say "why

And for those who say "why do you need guns"

Well, why do you need anything that could potentially endanger the lively hood of others. Cigarette smoking in public walkways and entrances. Lets ban cigarettes because it has been proven that they kill the smokers and 2nd hand smoke is a health hazard. Let's get rid of alcohol again because drunk drivers kill a lot of people. Eventhough those irresponsible drinkers who choose to drive don't represent the responsible people who drink a glass of wine at home, still the potential is too great and it would be better for society if we just get rid of those things. Let's put mileage limiters on vehicles b/c it is a fact that those who drive at higher speeds are higher risk of killing other drivers. The list can go on and on. All these things I mentioned affect children (2nd hand smoke, drunk driving, etc)

The problem with Liberal Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Enforce the laws that are already in place. That is a common sense approach. Don't be mad because your liberal rhetoric won't fly in this state with this governor. And BTW: New Yorks law will be struck down by an appealate court once it is challenged. Now to the real issues, Your dear former governor Perdue, who by the way cut funds in Mental Health so much that many of the facilities in the state shutdown, cut out long-term treatment programs, and community support programs is the major reason liberal democrats who voted for Perdue can't say a word about guns being the problem. Perdue almost singlle handedly took out the mental health system in NC. And yet in still you liberals keep talking about mental health. How will it be done when you supported a governor who is responsible for the poor condition of the mental health system in NC today. Let's get to the meat and potatoes of this thing and stop the rhetoric about guns. Lets get to the issues at the root of the tree that cause wackos, who by the way with Sandy Hook shooter recently did not LEGAL own any weapon, but committed felonious acts to get those weapons, lets talk about the issues of societal immorality and lack of ethics and respect for their fellow man. Lets talk about the economy, or lack thereof of jobs, lets talk about the government doing nothing pro-actively about the economy, lowering gas prices, increasing job creation. Those issues HAVE BEEN emergency executive order issues before the shootings. Children in large cities including Chicago have been killed in large numbers but because they were minorities, I guess it wouldn't pull at the heart strings of america enough to bully through the anti-gun agenda. What happened to the funding for mental/behavioral health programs in the state of Connecticut? Where was the community support program for an obviously disturbed young man. You anti-gun/anti-2nd amendment pundits are not sacrificing anything in this "discussion" by are self-righteously telling others what they should give up. How about giving up the 1st amendment and your ability to slander law abiding, non-felonious background, non-mental health involuntary stay, gun owners and demonizing them. No more laws need to be enacted, its not warranted. It won't reduce crime. Look at the cities of Chicago, New York, Boston, Maryland. These cities have the strictest gun laws in the nation and they have the highest crime rates still with all the gun restrictions. And also, stop praying that another Sandy Hook happen. You people are ridiculous to even say such and it is frankly disgusting. What you people are suggesting is bologna but you talk about it like it will solve the societal ills that cause mass shootings. Until you start discussing the real issues, what you are saying is irrational, ignorant, rhetoric.


Perhaps a tragedy such as the Sandy Hook event happening here in NC would change ol' Pat's mind??? No, there is no guarantee that the laws, either on the books or proposed could or would stop another assault. We have laws on the books telling us how the Governor is supposed to perform his duties. Perhaps Pat should read those FIRST.

Not to be infringed upon

It's our right! Take them away you take away our freedom. It's the same as locking doors on churches and imprisoning you for being to liberal. I'm also a democrat.

It's clear

that if all the first graders at Sandy Hook had been carrying guns, the whole thing would have been avoided. Or not. What a spineless idiot!

It's whatever Art wants

Governor Pat will chirp whatever line Art Pope wants. I guess we need to see what Pope paid shill John Hood has said about gun control. It's political control that they care about so don't do anything to upset the gun wackos. They have more important items to move forward, like letting corporations pass on their tax savings to us. I can't wait!

Foolish indeed

What an original comment by the governor... Only the NRA, right-wing wackos, and 80% of the repubs who fear not getting re-elected have said the same thing.

So far, the governor is showing that he WILL NOT stand for common sense legislation and WILL bow to special interest.

Gun Control in NC

If McCrooy had any courage he'd follow NY state's example. Instead, he'll probably support the legislature's attempt to allow concealed weapons in bars and restaurants.
With his cabinet appointments, he's make a complete fool out of himself already.

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