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NC GOP legislature still can't gerrymander like Illinois Democrats

One way to measure the effectiveness of a congressional gerrymander is to look at how many of the opposing congressmen's seats are in jeopardy.

By that measure, the North Carolina legislative Republicans must take a back seat to the Illinois legislative Democrats in their gerrymandering prowess.

The Hill, a non partisan Washington publication, recently rated the five most vulnerable Republican redistricted congressmen and the five most vulnerable redistricted Democratic congressmen in the country as well as naming some honorable  mentions.

Redistricting in Illinois is controlled by a Democratic legislature.

The Hill listed Republican Rep. Robert Dold as the 5th most vulnerable Republican and Republican Rep. Judy Biggert, both of Illinois as the 3rd most vulnerable Republican. It also listed as honorable mentions Illinois Republican congressmen Randy Hultgren, Adam Kinzinger, Bobby Schilling and Joe Walsh.

Among the Democrats, The Hill listed, Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler as the 4th most vulnerable, and Larry Kissell, both of North Carolina, as the most vulnerable.  It also listed as honorable mention North Carolina Democrats Brad Miller and Mike McIntyre.

So if you are keeping score, the Illinois Democratic legislature managed to put six Republican congressmen on the endangered list, while the North Carolina Republican legislature managed to put only four Democratic congressmen on the list. (North Carolina has 13 congressmen and Illinois has 19 congressmen.)


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Lame article

We all know that both parties are corrupt. The finacial system is corrupt. The health care system is corrupt. The defense system is corrupt. Almost every political, economic and social system in this country is corrupt to some degree. Corrupted by money and greed.

The question is...what can be done about it?

For crying out loud, follow the money . . .


The Green(back) Party that actually runs things behind the scenes must love reporters like Rob who distract the public by talking about Democrats and Republicans as if that’s what matters while ignoring the deals individual legislators cut across party lines. What is reported is so much less interesting than what is actually happening in Raleigh or DC.

If the N&O would actually expose the mechanics of disgraced former Speaker Jim Black’s gerrymander and the Hackney (D) - Morgan (R) deal that gave NC districts based on support for the deal that gave the insiders what they wanted, the public might understand the new proposal a little better. When Republican legislators ignore unconstitutional districts that favor Democrats, and Democrats draw districts to elect particular Republicans, there is something more happening than partisan politics.

The public might even understand why Lanier Cansler, who served in the NC House as a Republican, was hired by Carmen Hooker-Odom (a Democratic appointee and wife of Democratic Senator Fountain Odom) when she was head of DHHS, which in turn helps explain why Cansler would give a $175,000/yr job in DHHS to the head of an agency defunded by the Republican controlled legislature.  

When reporters consistently refuse to follow a money-trail as blatant as the one winding through NC government, you have to conclude they have their reasons.

I really don't understand

I really don't understand how you can speak as a political authority. By your own admission, you don't even vote in federal or state elections. But it is OK Rob, I am sure the N&O can use a restaurant and food critic. 

But you're still #1 Rob

But you're still All-Time #1 Rob as "imbedded political campaign reporter who was totally clueless or pretended to be".  That record is safer that Dimaggio's.

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