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Elections chief expresses skepticism about voter fraud video, pledges inquiry

A conservative filmmaker known for exposing ACORN debuted a new video Tuesday that claims to uncover voter fraud in North Carolina. 

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas put a 10-minute video on YouTube -- which uses hidden cameras and people posing as others -- that purports to identify two non-citizens and a dead man still on the voter rolls. It also digs into the vote on the constitutional marriage amendment by airing unflattering interviews with UNC-Chapel Hill officials and anti-amendment campaign supporters.

Gary Bartlett, the state's elections chief, said his agency will investigate the claims in the video, saying it showed "a lot of things disturbing."

It's unclear, Bartlett said, if the claims are true and he acknowledges skepticism. He said the investigation probably won't occur for a few weeks, saying it's not a top priority for his office given the vote canvassing efforts underway after the May primary. "I think that when it's all done, it's not very credible," Bartlett said, citing other political blogs already challenging the video's evidence. "All it does is hurt the process. Our laws are based on honesty and self-policing."

The elections agency also will investigate whether the people in the video who tried to vote in the name of another violated state criminal law by impersonating a registered voter. 

Read more about the video on, where he uses it to try to raise money for his organization.


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Don't minimize what this video exposed

O'Keefe did uncover a crime here.  Either Gorzkowski got out of jury duty legally and voted illegally, or he got out of jury duty illegally and voted legally.  

If what you are saying is true, O'Keefe made the mistake of assuming that it was the former crime rather than the latter crime.  To your credit, you have called for an investigation of the falsified jury duty form.  

When a Democrat-friendly plan to commit election fraud was described to Terri Phoenix, she "laughed and at one point seemed to even encourage the plan," as the local ABC News affiliate described it.  This brazen disregard for the integrity of our elections is why UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp wrote, "While the scenarios described in the video were false, some of our administrators responded inappropriately, and we are taking disciplinary action against those who used poor judgment in their approach to these student imposters."

In making this video, O'Keefe's execution may have been flawed, but he still did a significant public service.

Election Integrity

What this video exposed and I have seen with my own eyes at polls is that NC is that it is way to easy to get away with election fraud.  Let's say that college testing was done like elections.  People who didn't know the students gave out the test and all students had to do was say their name.  As a student, you see people who are giving out names of people that you know are not them.  You tell someone that and are told that the people who give out the tests are not allowed to question students as to whether or not they are who they are.  When concerned people who want integrity in the testing process suggest to the college that students prove who they are to get the test, it is defended with the claim that there is no proof that cheating is going on.  Really?  Are people that naive?

Voter ID may not fix all the problems, but it is a start.

Non-credible claims should be the lowest priority.

Voter fraud should be a top priority. However, O'Keffe's dishonest, misleading video should not be.

The two non-citizen voters in his video are in fact US Citizens. The dead voter is in fact alive.

While he did not vote, O'Keffe claimed a false identity, and if that's illegal he should be prosecuted. If it's not illegal, he shouldn't be prosecuted. But this is really the only buisness Bartlett has with the videos, since this is the only possible voter fraud that occured.

"Unfortunately our country has dishonest people living here who think that the ends justifies the means". There's little evidence that this quote can describe true voter fraud, but it's a perfect quote to describe O'Keffe.

The only fraud is O'Keefe

O'Keefe only seeks to incite prejudices with his portrayal of foreigners by mocking and mischaracterizing their dress and speech, and his offering of a passport. 

Romero is a US Citizen... the jury duty form was from before he became a US Citizen. However, he only registered to vote after he became a Citizen.

Gorzkowski is also a US Citizen... if he falisifed a document it was his jury duty form (which - if true - should be investigated).

O'Keefe's video is heavily and dishonestly edited. 

He was never offered a ballot for the dead Michael Bolton, he was offered a ballot for his living son, Michael Bolton Jr. but he edited that out.

O'Keefe's interviews serve one purpose: to mislead.

The bulk of the time he spent on interviews was with the head of the UNC LGBTQ, who had nothing to do with any voter fraud. Also the election judge he interviewed only said he was considering not taking the oath during the next election. He never said he'd take an oath and fail to uphold it. If he doesn't take the oath, he simply won't be able to continue serving as an election judge. And why the gay party videos? Inciting prejudices once again.

O'Keefe makes wild unsubstantiaed accusations, and he seeks to play to peoples' emotions to support his cause. He's a complete sham, and I hope he faces charges for his fraud.

Election Integrity Should Be Highest Priority

Bartlett says that this is not a top priority?  As the Elections Chief, ensuring that people are not cheating in elections should be their most important job.  Making sure that people who are voting are eligible and are only voting once should matter to all our citizens, regardless of their party.  It negates the votes of honest people who are following the rules.

"The elections agency also will investigate whether the people in the video who tried to vote in the name of another violated state criminal law by impersonating a registered voter."  I'm also amazed that the primary concern for Bartlett is whether or not these reporters violated a law.  They didn't actually vote, so what law could they have violated?  Like other poll workers that I have seen in every election, they didn't care if the people were who they said they were or if they were eligible.  As a matter of fact, this last election, I was specifically told while waiting in line that I didn't need to show them any ID.  Poll workers are taught not to question anyone and if they are suspicious of someone, they are not allowed to bring it to anyone's attention.  Apparently, attempted fraud will only be pursued if it is done in the name of exposing how easy it is to do.

Those who knowingly participate in this kind of fraud should be ashamed.  And those who claim that it is not happening are contributing to the problem.  Would a teacher trust her class to be honest and self-police during a test?  The stakes of an election are much higher than a grade on a test and while honest people won't cheat, unfortunately our country has dishonest people living here who think that the ends justifies the means.

Read more here:

Exactly. Bartlett is the

Exactly. Bartlett is the perfect shill and will do all he can to sweep this under the rug so that Dems can claim "there is no voter fraud" ...and the proof is WHAT? It's about time that non-partisan independent groups  like Texas-based True the Vote or NC's own Voter Integrity Project have done thepublic 'self-policing' mention by both Bartless in this article and Gary Sims (in the video). Dems never find vite fraud because they never investigate themselves.

It gets worse.....much worse.

It gets worse.....


Voter Integrity Project of NC



Event Summary: 9:00 AM, Tuesday, May 15, Wake County BOE, 337 S. Salisbury St.

Optics: Citizen will deliver a stack of 553 voter registration challenge forms and make a few brief statements about the process.


Wake Group Challenging 553 Voter Registrations Today


Today at 9 AM, at the Wake County Board of Elections, Voter Integrity Project of NC (VIP-NC), a Raleigh-based grass roots organization, is challenging 553 Wake County registered voters who were excused from jury duty in the Wake County Court system by stating that they were not US citizens.

“It looks like about half of these self-confessed non-citizens actually voted at least once since 2008,” said Jay DeLancy, VIP-NC Executive Director, “and might be guilty of a felony in North Carolina.”

NC law (NCGS 163-90.1) allows for challenges if “the challenger knows, suspects, or reasonably believes such a person not to be qualified and entitled to vote.” Denial of citizenship is considered to be reasonable belief.

North Carolinaprivacy laws make it impossible to find enough information to challenge an illegitimate voter with 100% certainty, but DeLancy believes they used every reasonable effort to winnow their list from an initial 1,018 suspected fraudulent registered voters down to 553.

“We realize that some number of these challenges will be dismissed,” DeLancy said, “but in North Carolina, only the government is allowed to know a voter’s date of birth and driver’s license number, two critical pieces of information we need in order to confirm a voter’s identity.”

Another piece of the puzzle may involve people perjuring themselves by denying their rightful citizenship in order to avoid jury duty, a practice that would tend to inflate the numbers that we obtained.

“For example, our associates, doing the same type of research in Orange County, found that Cate Edwards, daughter of the John Edwards, got out of jury duty by claiming to be a non-US citizen,” DeLancy said, ”so we know that other, less elite people have probably done the same thing.”

The VIP-NC group plans to host a public forum in the near future to explain their research methodology and to encourage concerned citizens from across the state to conduct the same types of investigations in their own counties. [Details will be in a follow-up advisory.]


Snow White? Bambi?

It is always easier to attack the messenger than having to deal with the message.  That is the intent of PC.  And political correctness seems to work exceeding well. 


"“I think that when it’s all done, it’s not very credible,” Bartlett said, citing other political blogs already challenging the video’s evidence. “All it does is hurt the process. Our laws are based on honesty and self-policing.”"

Is it possible that Gary Bartlett is the one that is "not very credible"?

No voter fraud in NC?

Just a few weeks ago the 3 dolts running for the democratic nomination for governor told us that there was no need for voter ID, there is no voter fraud in NC they said.

Sometimes complex issues have complex solutions but other times simple solutions can make those problems significantly less of a problem. Take tort reform for example, simply by making the loser pay the cost of the suit would significantly lessen frivolously suits. Political corruption and dysfunction could be lessened by term limits and voter fraud could be virtually eliminated by requiring a government issued ID.

Much as the time has come to usher out the old NC guard in Raleigh, so has the time come to require ID when you vote. Nobody suffers here, only the integrity of our elections are at stake.

Snow White? Bambi?

"Our laws are based on honesty and self-policing"

Seriously?  What fairy tale world is this guy living in?  Nothing in our culture can be based on honesty anymore.  Especially something as important as electing our government representatives.

He needs to get to the bottom of this now, not later.  If there's nothing to it, great.  If there's a problem, solve it.  And going after the people that helped expose this issue isn't the solution.

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