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Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

Who might Gov.-elect Beverly Perdue appoint to her Cabinet?

The New Bern Democrat has already appointed a transition team and chief of staff and said that she will put Tom Lambeth in charge of an endowment for gubernatorial campaigns, but she has not yet named anyone to the 10 positions that run state departments.

Based on conversations with Raleigh insiders, a few names have come up:

Transportation: State Sen. Clark Jenkins chairs the Appropriations committee on transportation. Gene Conti is a former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Lanny Wilson is vice chairman of the N.C. Turnpike Authority and has Senate leader Marc Basnight's backing. David Joyner is a transportation expert and head of the turnpike authority. Nina Szlosberg, a Board of Transportation member appointed to oversee environmental issues, has the support of transit advocates, women political leaders and environmentalists.

Crime Control: Scott Thomas is the district attorney for Carteret, Craven and Pamlico counties and served in the state Senate from 2000 to 2005. Current Secretary Bryan Beatty has served in that position since 2001 and is reportedly interested in staying.

Juvenile Justice: Linda Hayes has chaired the Governor's Crime Commission since 1995 and is a past chair of the national Coalition for Juvenile Justice.

Commerce: Crandall Bowles is the former chair of Springs Industries and wife of UNC system president Erskine Bowles. Senate Finance Committee chairman David Hoyle is well known as an advocate for business in the legislature. Rep. Jim Harrell helped pass incentives bills.

Revenue: Former state Sen. Oscar Harris served as Perdue's campaign treasurer.

Health and Human Services: Former Raleigh city manager Dempsey Benton was brought in to clean up problems in the mental health system and is reportedly interested in staying.

Environment and Natural Resources: Current secretary Bill Ross has served since 2001 and is reportedly interested in sticking around.

Administration: State Rep. Alma Adams filmed a TV ad for Perdue in the primary, but later criticized her transition team for its lack of diversity.

Cultural Resources: Adams, an art professor, may also be considered for this department.

In addition, National Education Association executive director John Wilson may be under consideration for an advisory role in education, although the state Superintendent of Public Instruction is elected separately from the Cabinet.

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Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

if the people want it, we can deliver! its NEEDED NOW! 1 Senator for EVERY COUNTY in NC regardless of size!!!

Re: DOT appointment.

Soon there will be some really great exposition of corruption in the DOT, etc by the great Fern Shubert, who will continue in the role of de facto investigator in the absence of Les Merritt!

Fern Shubert should be our governor instead of Sugar Dumplin.

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

What about Valeria Lee? She is one of the second round of transition team leaders, and finished up at Golden Leaf earlier this year. Is she really retired, or would she like to wrap up her career as, say, Secretary of Administration? It wouldn't be too surprising if she was aiming for Commerce, either.

DOT appointment.

The NCDOT is one of those organizations that has spun out of control. Too many people spending too much money for whatever results are generated. It definitely does not need another caretaker who will only perpetuate the joke that it is. A private organization with the budget of the NCDOT could pave the world.

Throw the NCDOT into the mix with the big Detroit three. Add water, simmer for 30 minutes, then dump in the fish tank.

Re: Szlosberg for Transportation?

I agree. It's time to go "green" at DOT. Nine would be a fine leader.

Szlosberg for Transportation?

Raleigh businessperson Nina Szlosberg is a leader on rail, environmental, and related questions as a member of the state Board of Transportation. She'd make a fine Secretary of Transportation, with a clear commitment to an effective and balanced transportation system.

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

FFC1304 "A NC Constitutional Amendment calling for ONE Senator for EACH of the 100 Counties in NC ...:

I think the US Supreme Court tossed this idea in 1962.

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

Crandall Bowles took over Springs, shipped good paying North Carolina jobs to Mexico and China and then made millions selling the company. Maybe the former Springs employees who lost their jobs could go to work for her at the Commerce Department.

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet? What about HHS Sec?

Just wondering what is being bandied about for a new Secretary for Health and Human Services? Is there anyone who really wants that job?

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

Crandall Bowles is too rich to be a democrackkk!

and YES her Springs Mills company has outsourced thousands of jobs OUT of NC...She and her husband a leftover Clintonista have far too much power in this corrupt state of NC as it is. Do NOT put Bowles in ANY further position of government!

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

Will she immediately FIRE Lyndo Tippett???

The LATEST proposal on NC Talk Radio is...

A NC Constitutional Amendment calling for ONE Senator for EACH of the 100 Counties in NC, instead of the power grabbing gerrymandered districts that exist now!

Will Status Quo Bev support this new idea???

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

So you are looking at Crandall Bowles for Sec. Of Commerce. Didn't she take over one the great textile companies, (Springs Industries) in the Carolinas and send half the jobs to China and Mexico. Then she proceeded to sell it and shut down the company entirely?

And you want her to be in charge of recruiting jobs to the state?

Carney for Transportation?

How about Rep. Becky Carney of Charlotte as Transportation Secretary? Makes sense to me. She's from a part of the state that desperately needs more attention for roads, and is the current chair of the Transportation Committee.

Re: Names in the mix for Perdue's Cabinet?

If Bev is going to truly bring an end to the good ole boy politics in Raleigh, then she will have to move away from the same ole generation of Raleigh Insiders. What have these people done? Our state is in the bottom half or near the bottom in the most important measurables of primary education, transportation, and commerce.

Bring some new blood and young people in with new ideas and positive thinking, instead of the same ole crowd that wants to tell us that we can't do this, that, or the other; "because that's the way it's always been."

This state needs people with a can-do attitude, instead of the fatcats that hold us back. Better to make a mistake trying, than to not try at all. If you have the bad attitude, then please step aside. We need this state to start moving progressively forward.

Hoyle for Commerce?

Is it true that David Hoyle is being considered for Commerce?

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