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NAACP wants to meet with McCrory

The NAACP will hold a news conference Saturday in Durham asking for a meeting with Republican Gov-elect Pat McCrory to discuss ways to work together to “advance the cause of racial equality and economic justice.''

The group also plans to express its concern that “ultra conservative'' Art Pope, the Raleigh retail executive, and financier of conservative causes, was placed on McCrory's transition team. And it plans to question whether Justice Paul Newby, who was re-elected to the N.C. Supreme Court, with the help of a $3 million outside campaign, should recuse himself from voting on redistricting cases.

“We are asking Governor-elect McCrory to resist the extremist elements of the Republican Party that continue to race-bait, attack voting rights, the poor and social safety net programs, and express unfounded criticism of the elected president of our nation based on his race,” the Rev. William J. Barber, the state NAACP president.

“The election is over now,” Barber said. “We must move towards governing, and we call on Governor-elect McCrory to focus on the kind of agenda that will move our state forward together and not one step back.''

He said the group would push for economic sustainability, addressing poverty, full employment, healthcare for all protecting voting rights and other issues.


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You're just showing your ignorance now, Quaker. Really. Seriouusly. Take it from me -- this comment *really* makes you look ignorant. As in "crazy-eyed racist white trash guy who is always shown grinning beside a lynched person in old photos from the South" crazy.  Time has not been kind to them.  Nor to you either, I suspect. But that's no reason not to have some pride. Read a paper once in a while. Maybe this one you're commenting on?


Is he REALLY a Reeevvvvvv? Like NosoSharpton and RacebaitingJackson???

yeah, how dare he exercise his rights in a democracy?

That wacky Reverend Barber. He must think he lives in a democracy still. Daring to speak out when he's not even *elected.* How shocking! Who does he think he is? A citizen or something?!

The KKK wants to meet with

The KKK wants to meet with him too to discuse the advancement of equality as well. We are tired of a black man being hired because of the color of his skin instead of merit...from he white house to affirmative action in the office. Let me know if the NAACP is really ready for FAIR or if they want to keep playing the RACE CARD instead. I won't hold my breath...

Unelected Barber Attacks Elected Republicans


The Reverend Barber was arrested for disrupting a meeting of the elected Wake County School Board when it had a Republican majority.  Later he was arrested for disrupting a session of the elected NC General Assembly under a Republican majority. 


And he is the one accusing Republicans of being “extreme”? I do not recall any news stories of “extreme elements” of  the Republican Party disrupting school board and legislative meetings when elected Democrats were in the majority. 


Is the News & Observer actually going to send a reporter to cover this “event,” or just serve as a publisher for the unelected Reverend Barber’s self promotion as he attacks elected Republicans.


If the NAACP was serious about meeting with McCrory, they wouldn't be having a press conference to ask for the meeting. Just shows they are seeking nothing but a press-aided platform for their liberal agenda and are not serious about meeting with the new governor and plotting a course of mutual benefit for the state.

Billy The Bully.....

"Billy The Bully" up to his old tricks..... no doubt we can all expect Rob and the rest of GangMcCatchy to serve as Rev Bill's personal press corps.

When Billy The Bully talks about "race baiting".... he knows that game very well.

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