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NAACP to rally tomorrow

The state NAACP will hold a rally on Christmas Eve.

Rev. Dr. William Barber II, president of the civil rights group, and advocates from the Adelante Education Coalition willrally to express their support for illegal immigrants to attend state community colleges.

In August, the board of directors for the N.C. Community College System voted to keep a ban on admission for undocumented students made earlier this year.

Barber will share the Christmas message from Luke 2:7 in the Bible, in which the baby Jesus is laid in a manger because there is no room at the inn.

A press release for the event says there will be "excellent visuals" for TV and photojournalists, but it does not explain exactly what.


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Re: NAACP to rally tomorrow

Most farm workers are here legally through the H2B visa program.

Re: NAACP to rally tomorrow

If folks want the jobs that illegals have, they can apply for them. Blame the employers for their cheap wages. Nobody but illegals will take their jobs. Citizens can get all kinds of welfare benefits that are not available to illegal immigrants to tide them over until they find a job that pays living wages.

Ask the hotel industry and farmers what would happen if all illegals were deported! You'd have to clean your own hotel room and grow your own food.

Re: NAACP to rally tomorrow

Exactly wildcats...lets hope she sees to it that ALL ILLEGALS are deported from NC immediately and give our jobs and our screwls BACK to the lawful citizens! It is crazy that the NAALCP would take this on as their cause...
when so many other minorities have thrown away their free educations!

Re: NAACP to rally tomorrow

Thank you NAACP. I'm sure that Terry Sanford is smiling down on you from Heaven; and I'm also sure that he turned over in his grave when the Community College Board of Directors took the action they did. Let's hope Governor-elect Perdue sees the light and does what is right.

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