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NAACP president arrested during House session

The Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, was removed from today's session of the N.C. House this afternoon by police officers after he and others shouted at legislators from the gallery.

Barber and the six other protestors were placed in handcuffs after they chanted, "Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly With God." The words are from a Bible verse, Micah 6:8.

They also chanted, "Fund education, not incarceration," and "Save our children, don't cut education."

Barber was charged by General Assembly Police with disorderly conduct and second-degree trespassing, both misdomeanors. He was transported by ambulance under police escort to the Wake County jail, where he is set to appear before a magistrate.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver said Barber was not injured in any way, but had to be transported by ambulance due to his size. Weaver said it is rare, but not unheard of, for people to be arrested inside the legislative building.

The others charged are: former head of the Durham NAACP Curtis Gatewood, who now lives in Oxford; Robert Thompson Stephens of Winston-Salem; Kojo Nantambu of Charlotte; Timothy Hodges of Clayton; David Louis Lamotte of Raleigh; and Theodore Anthony Spearman of Hickory.

As he was being taken into custody, Barber said they were protesting the "extreme, Draconian" budgets proposed by legislative Republicans. Both the proposed House and Senate spending plans would make deep cuts to nearly every area of state government, especially education and social programs.

Also at issue, Barber said, are such GOP actions as holding up extended unemployment benefits, changes to voting laws and the fact that the NACCP members have not been able to schedule a meeting with House Speaker Thom Tillis.

"It's about going backward," said Barber, who is the pastor at Greenleaf Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Goldsboro.

Tillis said on the floor that the protest was "one of the most disruptive, disrespectful acts I've ever seen."

Afterward, Tillis said he'd set up a meeting with Barber earlier this session, but Barber canceled. About six weeks into the session, Tillis prayed with Barber.

Tillis said Barber's protest makes him less inclined to meet with the NAACP president.

"I'll meet with someone more respectful of this institution," Tillis said.


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David LaMotte, who was also

David LaMotte, who was also arrested, is a peace-loving man who stood up for what he believed in. If David was willing to be arrested, and he knew he probably would be, then I'm willing to bet this is a cause worth standing up for.

The Return of Jim Crow to North Carolina

The Republican-dominated General Assembly and the Republican-dominated school boards in Wake and other counties are deliberately rolling back the clock to 1961 - when Jim Crow stalked the black and minority citizens of the South.  The shameful racist language in the vicious comments on this article are evidence enough that the Republican commentators are card-carrying members of the Ku Klux Klan.  It is now high-time for a new era of Freedom Rides and Freedom Marches - and thank goodness for bold leadership like Rev. Barber.  Bravo for Barber!!

That is absolutely

That is absolutely repulsive. both in terms of implicitly comparing a human to a gorilla (if you weren't making the comparison then  the post makes no sense) and in terms of "just in case evolution is true" in 2011 when we're about a centuray past knowing whether evolution is true.  What Barber did was bad but nearly as bad as your post.

ETA: Oops, I thought that was going to reply directly below the post of Category6.  Consider my post a response to that one.

Lock up his fat @$$ & throw away the key


Listen to this

Yes, education would benefit these children, Rev. Barber, but the problem is they can't access the education because of incompatibility; that is, they are not "school-ready", because of inadequate, absent, or abusive parenting, because they have never been read to, because their needs are neglected by the people who are expected to bring them up, because they are exploited, preyed upon, and abused, because they often have developmental and psychological issues the schools are not designed to fix. It is in the HEART of the underprivileged community that these problems are set--that is where your efforts are needed, Rev. Barber. Your efforts, while commendable, are ill-placed.

Holding up unemployment checks is worse

I disagree of course with Rev. Barber's tactics, but holding up the unemployment checks of tens of thousands of people is worse than what he did today. Playing political football with people who are down and out is pretty low. 

I disagree, of course, with

I disagree, of course, with Rev. Barber's tactics, but he is right in regard to the unemployment checks being held up. Using people who are down and out as a collective political football is worse than what he did today. 

Racist Barber

This guy is a thug and should be put away with no food in sight. I feel sorry for people like you barber. Isnt it time to disapper? Prison time would do you and your clowns good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a prime example of a racist black!!!!!!!!

What do "Black People" have to do with it?

"Unjustifiable race claims?" When did Barber mention race? He's angry about the state budget, and the refusal of lawmakers to be accountable to NC's citizens. People of all races are being hurt by the draconian budget cuts, and Barber and his allies have made that clear from day one.

I swear---anytime the N&O mentions Barber or the NAACP, the racial resentment trolls turn out in force!

Who's a gorilla?

"gorillas and monkeys should be equally embarassed."

Hey Category6---nice attempt at race-baiting there. Let me remind you that all humans are primates, including white folks.

What a crackhead...

And all of this after Happy Purdue grants this screwball the states highest honor, The order of the long leaf pine. Thank to both of you for proving my tax dollars ARE being wasted.

More race-baiting, less accountability

Yeah, "Real Issues," Black folks are suffering because of their own bad behavior. It sure isn't the fact that unemployment is still sky-high, or that Governor Perdue and GOP lawmakers are too busy fighting each other to extend desperately needed unemployment benefits, or that the state has made drastic cuts to social services and public education, or because legislators would rather attack gay marriage and abortion than create new jobs. No, all of Black North Carolina's problems can be blamed on thug rap music and deadbeat dads.

And no---race-baiters have never blamed Black people themselves for "the real problems facing the black community" a billion and a half times already. We really someone like you to regurgitate the same tired stereotypes again!

I wouldn't be surprised if the folks here trashing Barber and the NAACP are the same corporate bosses and pay-to-play lobbyists who are holding NC's economy hostage. Nice work, guys.


You're kidding right???

What an embarassement to all of humanity

Just in case evolution is true, gorillas and monkeys should be equally embarassed.

At least he's consistent

Blew off a meeting the school board was willing to have with him.

Blew off the meeting with the legislators as well.


Why?  Not public, no face time, this is how he earns his 'keep' - being a mouthpiece only.  He has offered nothing to truly help the people he claims to want to help.  Nothing.

General assembly police

Why does the general assembly have its own police dept? Instead of destroying the Capital Police in the new budget, why don't they use them instead of having their own. Ok forgive me, they are "special" and when THEY want something, they have money. 

The real issues (cont)

Barber is a blight on North Carolina and the people he "leads" at the NAACP.  He sells black children short by saying they cannot make it without white kids, when many black kids grow up just fine without his "affirmative action".  

Now lets jail the sob and move on with our lives.  Let the school board do what it was elected to do.  I don't think the weight statements are fair, as many of us struggle with it.  

I can only imagine how other members of the NAACP cringe at Barber's statements.  Isn't it time to disband a group called the NAACP?  Hadn't it outlived its usefulness?

The Real Issues

I believe that the Rev Martin Luther King would be heart broken to know that the real problems facing the black community are not even being addressed.

1. Black children having thug rap artists as heros in the name of artistic freedom.

2. Fathers abandoning mothers, children and their responsibilities for raising them.

3. State government selling false promises through lottery tickets and allowing easily accessible cheap alcohol for those who can least afford it to finance out of control spending.

4. The local churches for allowing these different groups to destroy the black family and community.

Rev King fought and gave his life to give all people a better life. And it's all been thrown away in the name of individual rights. We are now reaping what we have sown.

Another Fact

Neither the Guv, Lt. Guv, Democratic Party officials, nor clergy of the mainstream churches  were arrested - because they didn't participate. They choose thoughtful dialogue over frivolity.

Fight the Good Fight!

Why doesn't the Rev. Barber fight the good fight by going on a diet and losing a couple hundred pounds?  He's spending far too much time eating and tending to matters that don't concern him, and far too little time with his physical fitness regime.  After he shows that he has the self-discipline to get to a reasonable fitness level, he should move to Raleigh and join the school board; or, run for the legislature.  In the meantime the ox has no business trying to mind the people's business.   

Public record.

The meeting that the Repub Leadership Caucus scheduled to meet with Barber and his entourage is a matter of public record .... Barber no-showed the meeting.  That is easily verified IF the local media (N&O and WRAL) were not afraid of Barber.  The date, time, attendees, even the specific meeting room - all a matter of public record.

The local media is however very much afraid of Barber (why ???) and will not risk calling his bluff on this.


He and the others got what they deserved ! Arrested .


He and the others got what they deserved ! Arrested . The cause as I guess you see it has been the dumbing down of the education system in our state . You have many high school graduates that can't make change or read on an eight grade level . I see the results of "your cause " every day . High school graduates that can't communicate whether it's verbal or written , it makes no difference . You have good teachers and you have marginal teachers as with any occupation . The marginal ones need to find other jobs . Public education has been "dumbed down " over the years so certain groups could pass . Truth , not fiction !


He and the others got what they deserved ! Arrested . The cause as I guess you see it has been the dumbing down of the education system in our state . You have many high school graduates that can't make change or read on an eight grade level . I see the results of "your cause " every day . High school graduates that can't communicate whether it's verbal or written , it makes no difference . You have good teachers and you have marginal teachers as with any occupation . The marginal ones need to find other jobs . Public education has been "dumbed down " over the years so certain groups could pass . Truth , not fiction !


He is more of a hero to KFC, how about a 10 piece dinner with extra slaw. 


Please don't give me that baloney. He doesn't care for children, nevermind the grandiose and magnanimous "all".


"Fund education, not incarceration."

Right. Let them roam free.


Rev. Barber isn't standing up only for black children or only for poor children.  He's standing up for all children.  A bad K-12 budget affects all children.

He's not seek publicity for self-aggrandizement.  He's seeking publicity for the cause.  Everyone's children!  The future of our state!

Long leaf Pine


"In what can be interpreted as a slap at the Wake County school board majority, Gov. Bev Perdue has awarded one of the state's highest awards to the Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP. " N&O 8-22-2010.


Bev Perdue and the democrats must be so proud!

What a hero!

Go Rev. Barber!   Tell it like it is.  The GOP leadership and assorted minions ought to be deeply ashamed.   As for Barber, I'm proud to see him still fighting the good fight. 

Rev. Barber's outburst

Does he think he should be able to disrupt a session of the Legislature and not get arrested ? This kind of behavior only makes him out for what he is : a publicity seeker in the same mold as another Rev . by the name of Al (the Tawana Brawley fiasco ) Sharpton . Does that ring a bell ?

What an embarassement to black people


The more that this guy makes unjustifiable race claims the more he embarasses himself...and when he acts like this he embarasses his entire race.

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