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NAACP dismisses Civitas website, pushes forward with 8th Moral Monday

The NAACP’s Rev. William Barber said the Civitas Institute was “trying to play a trick,” diverting media attention away from the issues that matter, by publishing personal information about arrested protesters in an online database.

Civitas listed arrested protesters’ names, occupations, sex, race and other demographics on its website, drawing an outcry from those promoting the demonstrations. But one protester said he's not deterred.

”It’s no skin off my back,” said Ed King, a high school Spanish teacher in Chatham County who was arrested Monday. “I expect that from them. I didn’t live 75 years to not develop convictions that are stronger than any attempt to try to prejudice people.”

The next demonstration Monday -- the eighth this year -- will focus on labor, economic and women’s issues. It's unclear how many people are expected and how many will volunteer for arrest in an act of civil disobedience outside the legislative doors. Nearly 500 people have been arrested so far during protests at the legislature.

Democratic Congressman David Price of Chapel Hill announced Friday that he would join the demonstration Monday.

As this legislative session creeps toward its end, the Moral Monday fight is far from over, Barber said. “It will not be over for the people of North Carolina,” he said. “We will continue to mobilize, continue different ways to protest, continue to mount a legal challenge, continue to use social media to get the message out.”

--Annalise Frank, staff writer


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thanks for exposing some of the details that the complicit
NC media refuses!

NCDP / 'moral Mondays' = a CRIMINAL organization disguised as a political party!

Arrest Art Pope



This actually makes me sick. There are a few obvious points here that need to be made.

1. Obviously the majority of protestors are from the Triangle, since Raleigh (our capital city) is located in the Triangle.

2. Obviously more people protesting are going to be Democrats/progressives. Since the Republicans/Conservatives are the ones writing the legislation that is being protested against.

Ok, now this website actually makes me sick. Having a game out of protestors names/pictures is absolutely horrible and it belittles the cause that they support. Whether or not civitas agrees with that is beside the point, these people are standing in their right to protest and are following the 1st amendment. Shame on you civitas...

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