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N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Subscribers of The News & Observer will be receiving a DVD about Islam.

The newspaper will distribute copies of the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" on Saturday to 160,000 home subscribers of The N&O and the Durham News. For technical reasons, the DVD will not be included in copies sold at newstands or in street boxes.

The documentary is described as part of a "grassroots effort to involve the public to work against the Radical Islamic threat." It has been criticized by some religious groups as biased and divisive.

The distribution was paid for by the ad agency Newspaper Services of America on behalf of the Clarion Fund, a New York-based advocacy group that funds documentaries and Web sites about Islamic fundamentalism.

The DVD has also been distributed to readers of The New York Times.

Jim McClure, vice president of display advertising for The N&O, said "there was discussion" about whether to accept the advertisement, but the "ultimate decision" was made by publisher Orage Quarles.

"Obviously, we have distributed other product samples, whether it's cereal or toothpaste," he said.

He declined to say how much the agency paid.

Update: On the packaging included with the DVD, it lists other publications across the nation that are distributing it, including The Denver Post, The Miami Herald, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Wall Street Journal and the Detroit Free Press.


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Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

The day anyone researches the truth it will appear like the sun in a clear day. you are allowing yourselves to be pawns for the neo-conservatives dateing. he seems to be trying to justify something that he knows is unjustifiable.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

The claim that Islam calls to kill infidels, Christians, Jews and other non Muslims is very easy to defeat. For the past 1400 years minorities of other religions have lived amongst Muslims in peace and harmony (up until western countries mangled in the affaires of the Middle East causing rifts and animosities) read the honest history it will uncover the lies of propaganda- motivated movies and media. Islam is continuing to spread in spite of all these lies, it is by far the fastest growing religion in the world and in the west. Why do you think this is? The day anyone researches the truth it will appear like the sun in a clear day.

Domewatcher, I cry Uncle!

But to get me through the stretch between C and E attendance at High Mass, I'll pass on the Carolina Journal and settle for an extra capsule of fish oil.

DVD's, newspapers, and religion

"You must be one of those folks who needs a little extra help when it comes to plotlines in a movie and fancy words in a text. This kinda 'splains a lot of your commentary!"

I most certainly am not! The plotlines in the movies I watch are easy for a man of my intelligence to follow.....I just pull for whatever side John Wayne is on. I believe this is pretty good advice for anyone seeking guidance in today's troubled world! (Or either read the Carolina Journal. Or either take a zinc supplement.)

As far as fancy words in a text..........well, if I can handle a big word like "ryanteaguebeckwith" then it is oblivious that I am highly educated.

Discussions of religion and newspapers and politics and Rielle are enough to give you a headache. If you are having trouble with your religion you might consider joining us Presbyterians. We don't ever talk about religion outside the church house and really don't talk too much about it inside either. All we ask is that our members try to act like they are doing well financially so that others might think we are high class Episcopalians.

Peace and love..... and hope, growth and opportunity.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

"This thread is in serious danger of running off the rails into offensive territory. Let's all play nice, shall we?"

You guys send out 160,000 DVDs designed to incite fear and hatred against those of the Islamic faith, but when I make a mildly humorous reference to Pentecostals we're getting into "offensive territory"?

Something about motes and beams comes to mind, but the amnesia is still plaguing me.

Greensboro paper opts out

From the "News and Record" editor's blog :

We did not distribute it. I was not involved in the decision; it was an advertising call, in keeping with advertising policies.

I asked our publisher about it. He said it was divisive and plays on people's fears and served no educational purpose. The revenue it would have brought in was not a motivator.

As I've said on other occasions about news decisions, just because you can publish doesn't mean you should.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Najih, ya dingaling. I was (as the subject line of my comment suggested) addressing my remarks to Domewatcher.

Pay attention.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Just canceled my subscription and it felt good to do so. I only wish I could have done so this weekend but this gave me the chance to explain to the woman who answered my call why I was doing so.

Also emailed John Drescher to express my disappointment in the decision to distribute this. I wonder if anybody there previewed this before grabbing the check from Clarion. After I viewed the DVD, I felt that the News and Disturber earned that nickname. It is a blatant exercise in fear mongering.

Yes, I believe the threat of radical Islam is real, as is the threat from the radical fringe of any religious or political group. But the movie's frequent use of images of radicals burning the US flag would suggest that every attack - whether in London or Madrid or the Besian school siege - was an attack on the US.

And the distribution of the DVD in battleground states clearly shows that the Clarion Fund's goals are political - not educational.

Want to be really afraid? Check out the 5 star reviews on Amazon, many of which are variations on this excerpt from one: "Religion of Peace-GIVE ME A BREAK! That old worn out lie is just that, a complete, total lie. There is nothing about the aims/goals of this false religion that is peaceful. It should be classified as a violent/fanatical "cult", and stop calling it a religion!"

Let's all play nice

This thread is in serious danger of running off the rails into offensive territory. Let's all play nice, shall we?


— RTB 

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Najih, just follow some simple guidelines:

if it's a horror/monster movie, the group of potential victims needs to split up, so they can be picked off one at a time.

if it's a tear-jerker chick-flick, somebody either needs to get amnesia or cancer. Or both...

as a matter of fact, amnesia works pretty well in almost any genre, even religion. Like...someone who is raised in a rolling-on-the-ground, speaking-in-tongues Pentecostal family, but then they get amnesia and embrace Islam. Or the other way around.

whatever the case, amnesia is the hot ticket.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

"You must be one of those folks who needs a little extra help when it comes to plotlines in a movie and fancy words in a text. This kinda 'splains a lot of your commentary!"

Isaac, I don't watch movies (too busy) but you are absolutely correct. Those are fancy words but they aren't mine. Those are your and my God's words.

Suggest that you learn about the essence of Islam and see for yourself. Let me know if you need pointers.


Dang, domewatcher

You must be one of those folks who needs a little extra help when it comes to plotlines in a movie and fancy words in a text. This kinda 'splains a lot of your commentary!

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Hanna, very well said to you too. But do not worry! I have a very good news: As these plotters work so hard to destroy the true image of Islam, more Americans than ever before are converting to Islam. God says in his holly book 'Quran':

In Chapter 14 Ibrahim (Abraham) [14:46], verse 46:
"14:46 Mighty indeed were the PLOTS which they made, but their PLOTS were (well) within the sight of Allah, even though they were such as to shake the hills!"

In Chapter An-Nahl (The Bee) [16:127]:
"16:127 And do thou be patient, for thy patience is but from Allah. nor grieve over them: and distress not thyself because of their PLOTS"

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I watched it. I do not appreciate this right-wing propaganda being put in this battleground state's newspaper. I find that appalling. I will be canceling my membership today.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

"I had to watch it twice before I realized it was not about those fruitcakes over at bluenc."

Aside from the fact that I hate fruitcake (when I was little I defied my mother's warning and ate about a third of an especially rich fruitcake: the result was not very pleasant, to say the least), your insult is borderline heresy and deserving of a fatwa. I'm Googling "Imam" right now to see if I can find a reasonably-priced one that also accepts American Express.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I had to watch it twice before I realized it was not about those fruitcakes over at bluenc.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Very well said Lynda.

Thank you.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I am completely disgusted with what you have done. Spreading hateful propaganda is not your role. You OWE subscribers the answers to a lot of questions, (see comments above) but chiefly - how much were you paid to participate? Despicable behavior! Your credibility with me is now nada!

Re:" N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD" MISLEADING TITLE

If you claim that this DVD is about ISLAM, why don't you talk about how Islam is the religion that calls for worshiping one GOD?
The same GOD that Moses Jacob Noah Abraham David Lut Aaron Jesus and all the other prophets worshiped.
Why don't you also mention than no Muslim will ever bash any of these prophets because they believe in all of them.
Why don't you include the REAL aspects of Islam that you're always trying to hide?
But guess what, you're not the only source to learn about Islam. The world's fastest growing religion, (not by multiplying like rabbits) but by CONVERSION.
I guess a lot of people have found the true Islam, and a lot more will by the will of GOD.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

It was with unbounded glee that I destroyed the unwelcome DVD that you included in my newspaper today and will return to you on Monday, the same day that I cancel my N&O subscription. Yes, merely a small act of disgust by itself, but one I sincerely hope that many subscribers will think of on their own. I hope the N&O made a small fortune in distributing this abomination to your subscribers because, in all other ways, your newspaper is totally and irreversibly bankrupt.


Re: N&O subscribers to receive DVD "Obsession"

Newspapers are supposed to hire journalists. Journalists are supposed to investigate and then report the facts. So why is the N&O sending out propaganda as in this dvd without fully investigating the source and a full divulgation of the findings? (I tried, as it seems a whole bunch of others did...with no luck...even after stiff neck and bulging eyeballs from the effort from searching). I have an idea. Why don't we all cut up this outrageous inflamer of hatred and bias and leave the consequent package of detritous on the doorstep of the N&O to dispose of? PS: The comparison of toothpaste, cereal and other product samples is ridiculous, Mr. McClure. I have never heard of toothpaste inciting violent emotion in people.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I almost fell on the floor when I opened the Raleigh News & Observer and found the fear-mongering DVD. How horrible! I guess the idea is that we watch the video, become terrified, and vote for another president who will lead us into still more pointless wars. The video was right in one respect. It is a war of ideology and it can't be won with guns. However, this is beside the point.

I don't want to see propaganda with my morning newspaper. I will be cancelling my subscription on Monday.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

You forgot to mention Charlotte Observer subscribers, that fore-mentioned DVD fell out of my paper this morning. Thank God, it was me and not a grandchild--who, thinking it was a "free new video or video game," would have had it in the DVD player and partially "consumed" before I could intervene. I want to thank you for placing that burden on me as well, for we received no prior announcement here in this market to expect today's arrival. Seems you believe "forewarned is fore-armed." But now you will have many here outraged.

With this action, you are sending very mixed messages to your readership. In the confusion this creates, how are we expected to view and find credible what is IN your paper when we now have to be wary of what comes WITH your paper? What's next? What will you allow yourselves to be an unsolicitied, and by this action, unethical delivery system for? Drugs? Explosives? Something quasi-legal, but totally in "bad faith?" You think this is not? By whose definiton? Did you run this by your intellectual property attornies?

I don't know what motivated this decision, if it was political or merely financial, or "a herring" to spur philosophical debates about "Freedom of the Press," the credibility of your next response is already in question, and frankly, I don't care, you have quite simply breeched our contract. I pay you to deliver a newspaper to my home, nothing else. I look over the advertisements as a courtesy to you and to your paid advertisers. If you want to end your subscription service because of fuel costs to your drivers that's your option, but this is the poorest customer relation maneuver to bring that about I can think of. If you don't want to service us with a "free press" on a paid subscription basis just say so. Tell us straight and to the point, "What is it you now want and expect us to do?"

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I object in the strongest terms to this invasion of my privacy. This DVD is meant to inflame fear and hatred that allows people to believe they are justified in doing things that are against the very principles on which this country was founded. The disclaimer that it about "radical" Islam is ridiculous. How educated in Islam do you think most readers of your paper are? All I could think of was the films the Nazi's used to enflame non Jewish citizens against their Jewish fellows. Images are a powerful effective way to control minds and lead them directions that they might never image they would go. What is this film really meant to do? It claims to be educative. That is a joke. Fear is not a basis for determining how we as a nation should act. If it becomes so, then those who have come to hate us will have won our very souls. When called on, the people of this country always have had the courage to adhere to the very basis of a democratic life. Fear mongering is the most unpatriotic of acts and insults the intelligence of all of us. I am profoundly saddened by this and fearful but not of Islam.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

You know, I didn't think it was possible to be quite this stunned, given the tone and tenor of the right-wing presidential election tactics of this and the past two elections. I was wrong. There is no point in asking the question: "What were you thinking" Mr. McClure; that would be, at best, rhetorical. It is clear, very clear, just what the powers-that-be on the N & O were thinking. By participating in a fear campaign, you have chosen to redefine yourself from news organization to tabloid. The fact that the Clarion Fund chose North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and MIchigan (all battleground states) as the places to distribute this DVD is no accident, and it is counting on exploiting the fears of the otherwise-uniformed and easily frightened to again drive an election. I have just left you a voicemail expressing my disgust; I really hope you have the courage to reply. I then attempted to cancel my subscription (which I will accomplish tomorrow, hopefully), using the automated voicemail at the Circulation Department. Interestingly, canceling is not one of the options, the office is closed, but the recording indicates one can call back tomorrow between 7 AM and midnight. I suspect that is no accident. I assure you, we are all intelligent enough and outraged enough to remember to call back tomorrow (or Monday) and cancel subscriptions. I intend to exhaust every effort at my disposal to urge others to do the same. Having read the comments posted here so far, I don't think that it will be hard to accomplish that goal.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

You have really no confidence in the public intelligence, you believe that people don't understand why you're doing this, you are lacking the sight of things, your little propaganda is targeting only those who are called sheepole, they are weightless in acting to develop this great country. your hate propaganda is going to turn around and bite you.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

In case any of you are interested, or you just want to read something boring to help you go to sleep, here's more on this subject:

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Obviously someone here, that would be you, Tangoz, never figured out what happened on 9/11 (and probably still thinks it was freakin' Iraq). Obviously you are so locked into the Dittohead brand of argument that you think that suggesting anyone could forget 9/11 is clever.

How is it possible, Tangoz, for anyone to be as uninformed as you are without exerting effort? I believe yours is the brand we call "aggressive ignorance."

Have you ever read the First Amendment? Do you know what it is?
Do you know what suppression means? Do you know what a promotion is?
How is it possible for you to continue to be so completely idiotic post after post after post?

Are you actually someone's idea of an hilarious parody of what passes for a wannabe politician these days?

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD


If the trailer reflects the film's thrust, the purpose is to engender fear. Are we in danger of immediate attack? I don't know. But I do know we under threat of a presidential election.

Who benefits most from scaring the bejeebers out of voters? Let's put it this way: Put lipstick on him and he looks a lot like George Bush.

I for one and really afraid.

Max Veale

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

How is this DVD BS?

Obviously some of you here forgot what happened on 9/11. Ask yourself who were the people that launched their war of terror against us and where are they from before you get all worked up over this. It sounds to me like some of you here are attempting to suppress someone elses 1st admendment right to present this material and you are try to suppress my 1st admendment right to view this material. Are you?

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Just wondering if the News and Observer feels it has any obligation to its subscribers to follow up with a fact-check on the content of the video.

Box of flakes, maybe

Likening the insert to a box of cereal is, as Laura Leslie notes in her blog, Isaac Hunter's Tavern, "disingenous." That was her word; I'd have used something stronger but perhaps run afoul of the no foul language policy.

Is it ok so say WTF are you guys THINKING? How about this is BS?

And could you please explain how much money N&O is getting? It has to be an awful danged lot to fuzz up N&O's perspective by this much.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

One likely candidate for the funding is David Horowitz,

who has neocons spilling out of his pockets left and right.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Raphael Shore is a documentary producer and founder of Clarion Fund, Inc., a new non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about national security threat.

Interview between Art Lindsey and Gregory Ross:

AL: How did you become involved with this film, and what was/is your specific role?

GR: The producer of “Obsession”, Raphael Shore, is an old friend of mine. He approached me over a year ago about representing the film in Hollywood. My exact title is, ‘Director of Communications’ for the Clarion Fund (non-profit, 501c3), and I assist in everything from internal/external communications, dealing with the press, and helping to secure distribution for our films. We also engage in educational activities online and on college campuses, as the mission statement of the Clarion Fund is to educate Western Civilization about the threat of radical Islam.

AL: Who financed the film, and what was the cost? How long did it take to complete the film?

GR: The film was financed by a concerned citizen who has a long standing relationship with our organization. The cost was under $500k and it took over a year to complete.

The project (film) is listed as "conceived by Peter Mier."

I've been on quite a few sites tonight trying to find out more about this (while watching UNC spank Rutgers) and there are tons of websites/blogs talking about this but all are finding about the same as we are...nada

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I went to look at the website mentioned by mhayhurst. All I could find about the Clarion Fund is that it sponsors the site. If you click the "donate now" button, it says, ". . . the donation is to a non-profit organization 501(c3) operated under the auspices of Clarion Fund." No staff are listed, no listing of supporters, no founder, and even the name of the nonprofit you are donating money to isn't mentioned. How odd. Not the way I like to do my charitable giving.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

"I looked up the Clarion Fund, and could not easily find who is behind it. Who set up the fund? Where did the money come from? Who is on their board of directors? They were founded in 2007."

My eyes are on the verge of crossing after trying to track these guys down, but I'm about 90% sure the film and this later distribution was/is being funded by elements of PNAC. Here's some stuff:

If you'll notice, they pushed this propaganda piece hard before the last election (2006), which was a year before the Clarion Fund was founded.

So all the director (Wayne Kopping) would say in 2006 about who funded the film was they were "completely independent", and now this Clarion Fund, that's picked up the tab for giving away 28 million DVDs, has left virtually no money trail that I can find. ;/

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Last comment was a little sense of humor that I couldn't pass it up.

Gregory Ross is their director of communications and they just launched that helps your search...

In Liberty

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

With all that lack of info...Sounds like a typical liberal organization...

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I looked up the Clarion Fund, and could not easily find who is behind it. Who set up the fund? Where did the money come from? Who is on their board of directors? They were founded in 2007. No staff are listed on their website. No 990's (tax filings) are on Guidestar. How about a little investigative work? How about a little more transparency? How much did they pay you?

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

Totally shocked! a good way.

The News and Observer is one of the most liberal leaning newspapers in NC and to allow the inclusion of this dvd, a dvd by the way, that shows what a real threat these radical Islamists truly are, is your saving grace for my continued subscription. I literally was going to cancel it after this weekend, due to the ever growing liberal bias that floods this paper...maybe you're coming around...although I doubt it...this dvd bought you a few more months...

Oh, and FFC1304's mention of Freedom to Fascism is great. A mind blowing documentary. You won't see this corrupt government the same way ever again...

In Liberty.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

So when will we receive the DVD on the KKK-Threat to America and or White Supremist. It would be a balancing effect.

I do not see having this video on the people who want to kill us being a bad thing. I know that NO ONE here is defending the islamic terrorist who bombed the twin Towers, the Pentagon ,and the other jet that went down in the Pennsylvania. So if you want to watch it, watch it with a grain of salt. If you do not want to watch it, DON'T. Despite the terrorist who want to kill us and enslave our population , we are still a basically free country.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive DVD NOT about Islam

Even the subject line of these posts is inflammatory and misleading. This video is NOT about ISLAM, but about a particular virulent strain of terrorist death-cult fanatics. This is like labeling a DVD as "About Christianity" and making it about white supremacist/nationalists or the crusader wars of the medieval era! That would be no more about what Christianity is about than this video is about Islam.

A box of cereal? Toothpaste? Does a box of cereal or a tube of toothpaste encourage me to look with hatred and suspicion on my law abiding neighbors who have a different religion than mine? Does cereal and toothpaste lead to pogroms, religious harassment, fear and intimidation? The trailer for this video is about hate, pure and simple, and shows the video has only one goal - to instill fear and hatred of neighbor against neighbor.

If I receive this DVD in my paper, that day, after 22 years of receiving the N&O, will be the last day of my subscription.

Please, please reconsider this decision!

You're kidding? Sadly, no.

This exemplifies one reason why people have such a low regard for newspapers in general and the N&O specifically. Sending a biased report/movie such as this is one thing, but Jim McClure takes idiocy to a new level by comparing product samples of toothpaste and cereal to this movie. If he really believes that they are comparable situations, then that reveals the intellectual bankruptcy of the newspaper.

I feel bad for the fellow, because he seems to be trying to justify something that he knows is unjustifiable. My pity for McClure pales in comparison to my contempt for this decision.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

How are allowing yourselves to be pawns for the neo-conservatives...boy you guys are scared Obama will win in NC aren't you.


Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

I guess the newspaper industry must really be in trouble if you need the money so bad as to distribute such propaganda.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

This is nothing more than political propaganda, designed to instill fear and anger in the voting populations of potential swing states, and I'm sure it will have some success in achieving that goal. Frankly, there's just not enough fear being generated on the news these days, and the neocons are afraid they will lose their power in the absence of it.

And as far as the N&O accepting the advertising money this will bring in, I guess it's not much different than tv stations airing some of the loonier 501(c) commercials. But I strongly recommend you guys put something in Saturday's paper explaining to readers that it was a "paid for" thing just like all the coupons and sales ads. And Quarles also might want to consider the impact it will have on some of your (remaining) advertising clientele.

And for my Democratic brethren and...sistren?...they wouldn't spend this kind of money if N.C. wasn't in play. Congratulations. We're almost there.

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

What a bizarre thing to receive from one's newspaper. Good lord, have you guys flipped out? Could you be more specific about the hows and whys here? Exactly how much money did N&O get to agree to this?

Re: N&O subscribers to receive Islam DVD

totally surprising, but great idea...

how about considering these amazing movies? at least, promote them! 'EMANCIPATION: Revelation or Revolution?'

and 'Freedom to Fascism' a documentary by the

late great filmmaker and former Presidential candidate, Aaron Russo.

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