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N.C. legislators have smaller salaries

North Carolina legislators' salaries are far below their counterparts.

A comparison of base salaries in the 23 state legislatures that the National Conference of State Legislatures considers comparable to North Carolina shows their pay is at the bottom.

State lawmakers here have a base salary of $13,951 per year. Only Nebraska ($12,000), South Carolina ($10,400) and Texas ($7,200) give less, while Alabama and Kentucky do not have an annual salary.

The median is $24,012, the amount Alaska pays. The highest is $48,708 in Hawaii.

The NCSL divides legislatures into three categories based on the time they spend on the job, their staff size and their pay.

North Carolina falls into the middle category, where legislators spend more than two-thirds of their time on political work and have a medium-sized staff, but do not make enough to be full-time politicians.

California's full-time legislators are the highest-paid, with $116,208 as a base salary. South Dakota legislators have the lowest pay, at $12,000 over a two-year term, although 11 other states pay only by the day or week.


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Re: N.C. legislators have smaller salaries

I don't understand how we expect everyone to get involved in politics (or at least have a shot) when the pay for legislators is too low. Either someone has a working spouse who makes enough money or the individual is wealthy to begin with. If someone does not make enough or holding another job to cover costs is not possible (such as teaching) is not democratic as people are excluded from the process. Even the U.S. Virgin Islands pay their legislators more.

Self Government Cost, you Knownothings !!

How dumb can most of you people be!! Democracy and Self-government cost! This is no longer a state of a small number of farmers and craftmens as it was when it was formed out of the wilderness! We cannot rely on a few 'Gentleman Farmers' to gather for a few weeks each year to past tariffs and laws against stealing horses, at their own expense. This is the 21st Century with 21st Century problems and needs. Governing this great state is a Full Time Job in need of Full Time Legislators and they need and must be paid as professionals! And it means a larger salary financed by taxes, yes I said TAXES! The acts of our Legislature have a deep and profound effect on our lives and I want the best we can elect to make these laws. Those of you who scream 'NO NEW TAXES' at everything, and I use this term with all due respect, are idiots! You people are just true-believing, Flat-Earth Republicans that cannot understand the world in which you live. If you depend on a doctor or lawyer or teacher, then you want the best you or your family can afford. The same applys for your government. Grow up and become educated on how self-government works!

Re: N.C. legislators have smaller salaries

Wow now we kmow why California is so screwed up and so deep in debt. Maybe they need to take a 20% pay cut to help their multi billion dollar debt.

Re: N.C. legislators have smaller salaries

what's popular now is attribution and pay-for-performance. If that was the case there'd be less comparison with the uncorrelated and possibly a call to have legislators paid for what they're worth (I would suggest they owe us money).

Re: N.C. legislators have smaller salaries

New Hampshire, which has the largest legislature, also has a unique pay system for it's House of Reps. It pays $100/year to each Member. Ouch.

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