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N.C. GOP's Ayers mailer

N.C. GOP Ayers mailerThe N.C. Republican Party is criticizing Barack Obama on William Ayers.

A mailer sent to North Carolina voters links the Democratic presidential candidate to the former member of the Weather Underground.

"Obama has close ties to domestic terrorist," reads a headline.

The mailer is designed to look like a storybook, showing mug shots of Ayers from 1968 and a recent photo of him wearing a Cubs shirt.

"During his reign of terror, Ayers and his organization bombed the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's house and police stations," the mailer reads.

N.C. Democratic Party chairman Jerry Meek criticized the mailer Monday, saying it is part of the worst "smear campaign" he's seen against Obama, but a GOP spokesman defended it is factual.



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Re: N.C. GOP's Ayers mailer

Bringing up the truth would represent a brand new strategy for the GOP.
I sure haven't seen any of it thus far.

Re: N.C. GOP's Ayers mailer

It's horrible unfair to bring up the truth!

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