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Myrick: government-run too slow

U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick says a government run health system may not have saved her life from breast cancer.

Myrick, a Charlotte Republican, said in the GOP's weekly address that her diagnosis took several doctors and tests, which were all done within a week. In government run health care systems in Canada and the United Kingdom, such speed is unlikely, she said.

"When it comes to life-threatening diseases like cancer, delay can mean death," Myrick said. "Replacing your current health care with a government-run system is not the answer."

Myrick said the proposals pushed by Democrats would all put the nation on the road to a government-run health care system.


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Republicans For Single Payer!

Interesting new group Republicans For Single Payer. Seems to be doctors and hospital administrators who have realized that private health insurance has COLLAPSED. More @

Re: Myrick: government-run too slow

Excellent post AfterCancer. Just what I was thinking.

Wish I had her "public option" I happen to pay for.

Re: Myrick: government-run too slow

You know it's comments like these that make me sick! I'm a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 38 and my health insurance sure wouldn't have paid for all of the scans Ms. Myrick mentions without one heck of a huge out of pocket from me.

Representative Myrick, if we all had your health insurance there wouldn't be a problem. The women I worry about most are those who put off even getting tested because they couldn't pay for the treatment if it is cancer.

Stop trying to scare women, we're smarter than that!

Re: Myrick: government-run too slow

Now according to the N&O's profile page on Sue Myrick, "After being treated for breast cancer, she sponsored a law in 1999 to extend Medicaid coverage for breast and cervical cancer."

Medicaid, is, you know, government-run health care. Maybe the N&O should ask Rep. Myrick if she thinks that giving government-run health care coverage to those poor women killed them.

Re: Myrick: government-run too slow

Okay, I'm really glad that Representative Myrick's cancer was (eventually) properly diagnosed and treated successfully. But it took six different doctors, three false-negative mammograms and an ultrasound before her cancer was even detected.

Now, I don't know how much of that her government plan paid for, but most private health insurance plans would have only covered one (annual) mammogram and probably just one of those doctors. Most other women would have had to pay out-of-pocket for the rest, and they would have had to wait considerably longer for each appointment than a Congresswoman would have.

Rep. Myrick has done a lot of good in the area of breast cancer research, but her attempt to use her own experience to generate fear of health care reform is both misleading and inappropriate. If we all had the coverage and VIP treatment members of Congress get, there wouldn't be a push for reform.

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