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Munger: State dragging its feet

Mike MungerMike Munger says the state is "dragging its feet" on Libertarian registrations.

The Libertarian gubernatorial nominee and Duke University political science professor tells Dome that the party had more than 13,000 registered voters in 2005.

When the Libertarians lost party status, those voters became unaffiliated, though they should be able to re-register now that it is a party again. But Munger says some of the state's largest boards of elections have not yet posted the forms online to allow it.

"How can we register people as Libertarian when they won't change the forms?" he writes in an e-mail. "The state is intentionally dragging its feet, in violation of the law, and the expressed will of more than 100,000 voters."

As of 8:45 a.m. today, the Wake County board of elections' online form did not include the Libertarian Party, listing only Democratic, Republican and unaffiliated. The Mecklenburg County form and the Guilford County form also lacked the Libertarian option.

The party was recognized in late May, but had only 29 registered members as of this morning.


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Re: Munger: State dragging its feet

typical democrackkk ballot access issues avoidance...they want to control everything in our once great state...THEY are E V I L !!!

now isnt it shameful that the LP must now REappeal to UNaffiliateds to REregister again to LP?
WHY do democrackkks want to keep the system SO OPPRESSED? Arent democrackkks supposed to be INclusive???

Re: Caricature Needed

Working on it. Our caricaturist has some other things on his plate right now.

— RTB 

Caricature Needed

Munger needs a caricature. The other two candidates have them. He should be treated equally.

Plus his caricature would 10 times as cool as Perdue's or McCrory's.

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