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'Mr. Rouzer, don't touch my Medicare,' seniors say in new TV ad

In a new television ad, Mike McIntyre is hitting Republican rival David Rouzer with the Romney-Ryan plan to revamp Medicare. 

"Mr. Rouzer, don't touch my Medicare," an elderly gentleman says in the 30-second spot, which features a number of senior citizens echoing the same message.

McIntyre's campaign said the commercial -- which includes some dubious claims about Medicare -- is airing in the Raleigh and Wilmington markets, covering the entire district.

The spot cites a check on a Medicare claim. But the truth is a little grayer than the ad suggests. For instance, the claim that the Romney-Ryan plan would cost seniors $6,400 is a citation of an out-dated number, PolitiFact reports. The figure refers to the Congressman Paul Ryan's original plan, not the new one supported by Mitt Romney.


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That's right...SCARE the Elderly!

thats what democrats ALWAYS do along with playing the RACE cards!  

Strive to be smarter than the EVIL democrats WANT you to BE !!!

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