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Morning Roundup: TV ads mark crucial point in governor's race

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton began his television advertising campaign Wednesday, in what could be a critical moment in his race against Republican Pat McCrory. Trailing McCrory in the polls and still not known by nearly half the state’s voters, Dalton hopes the statewide TV advertising campaign will provide his candidacy with a much needed boost.

But the fact that the sitting lieutenant governor is running his first ad in mid-September introducing himself to voters shows how far he has to go in the final eight weeks. Read more here.

More political headlines:

--Senior Republican strategist Charlie Black said Wednesday he would “love to see” his party choose Charlotte for its 2016 national convention.

--Obama Cabinet member Kathleen Sebelius violated federal law when she made “extemporaneous political remarks” during a February speech to the Human Rights Campaign Gala in Charlotte, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said Wednesday.

--A taxpayer advocacy group on Wednesday called for North Carolina leaders to reform the state’s pension system for government employees, including paying workers a fair wage so they can save more for retirement.

--Columnist Mark Washburn: There was only one embarrassment in convention week: the caliber of our protesters. We were expecting some big stuff. We were looking for high-minded, passionate demonstrators to (as they like to say in the newspapers) “wreak havoc” and “clash with authorities.” We got wimps.

--Four adult care homes heard this week they will lose Medicaid funding because they house too many mentally ill people.


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I would love to see the News

I would love to see the News and Observer break down how much Pat McCrory has received in contributions from the big oil and gas companies like BP, Exxon etc. As a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute, he has been personally paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobby the Tillis Laroque House leadership.

Residents of Wrightsville Beach, Dare County etc better get prepared to see the big oil rigs going up off the coasts when Myers Park Pat wins!

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