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Morning Roundup: School superintendents vent about budget cuts

State budget cuts have damaged the quality of education offered in public schools across North Carolina, school superintendents said during a five-hour gathering Tuesday, where they shared stories and sounded alarms about financial woes that have worsened during the past three years. Read more here.

Other headlines:

--The Council of State takes action to close Dix Hospital. More here.

--The UNC system continues its push to remove university workers from the state personnel act. Read an interview with President Tom Ross here.

--Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who will chair the Democratic National Convention, took his first look at Charlotte’s convention venues Tuesday, and took the chance to reach out to the city’s Hispanic community. Read Jim Morrill's story here.


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NC Schools' Budget

While UNC System Schools have cut classes due to lack of funding, the UNC System Schools have increased funding for sports.  Fiscal insanity.

The school budget

If the Republicans came out and stated that they would meet the demands of the public schools..........would there even be an election?

The funding for schools seems to be the only issue in the campaign for governor.  So if the Republicans agree to meet the school budget demands will the Republican gain 100% of the vote?

If that is true then we can cancel the election and put all the election and campaign costs toward the school budget.  North Carolina will have reached complete agreement and we can all live happily ever after. 

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