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Morning Roundup: Minority businesses feel slighted by DNC contract process

Most of the minority entrepreneurs polled by an advocacy group said Democratic National Convention organizers controlled who would land work and who didn’t, despite a formal bidding process.

In an email poll sent to more than 400 people, 52 percent of respondents “felt that the DNC bid/contract process was rigged,” according to the survey from the Carolina Regional Minority Partnership Coalition. Full story here.

More political headlines:

--UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp, beleaguered by two years of athletics-related scandals, will resign the position at the end of the academic year and return to a role that he always loved: chemistry professor.

--The major anti-union law championed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- who will campaign for N.C. Republican Pat McCrory -- was thrown out by a judge.

--Republican Mitt Romney is trying to head off a new distraction for his campaign after a video surfaced showing him telling wealthy donors that 47 percent of all Americans "believe they are victims" entitled to help from the government that permeates their lives.


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And this is the thanks we get

These entreprenuers did not even build their own businesses.  The government built their business for them and now they complain that the bid process was rigged.   That is some gratitude for you!  

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