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Morning Roundup: Less trees along roads, car insurance changes possible

This edition of the Morning Roundup is all about travel -- particularly the roads and cars on them:

From Craig Jarvis: Not only will billboard companies be able to cut down many more trees than they could before a new law loosened restrictions, under newly approved rules taking effect in March they won't have to replace them, either.

Environmentalists and others fear thousands of roadside trees that are decades old will be lost as a result. The General Assembly approved a bill expanding the clear-cutting zone around billboards in June. The state Rules Review Commission approved temporary rules last week. Read more here.

From Lynn Bonner: Legislators are taking another look at limiting regulation of car insurance rates with proposals that companies say would get rid of a surcharge most drivers pay. The problem is, there's no agreement on how to do it, or even that anything should change.

State Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin argues that none of the ideas legislators are considering would be better for the state's drivers and would just give insurance companies ways to make more money. Read more here.


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Less versus Fewer

In this case, "fewer" wins by a long shot.

The headline makes it sound

The headline makes it sound like insurance rates will go down because there will be less trees to hit when we run off the road.

Anyone want to bet .....

Anyone want to bet that this N&O interpretation of this new billboard law is an extreme exaggeration of the actual law itself and it's intent?

To the N&O's environmental credit.... McClatchy Corp is doing its part for conservation by printing A LOT fewer newspapers these days.  We applaud that effort.

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