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Morning Roundup: GOP candidate calls Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker a 'role model'

GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory on Tuesday embraced Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has become a hero in conservative circles because of his battles with organized labor.

Barnstorming across the state with Walker, McCrory declared that “there was no greater role model” than Walker and that he would bring the same kind of strong leadership qualities and pro-growth policies to North Carolina. Full story here.

More political headlines:

--Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, champions of deficit reduction through both spending cuts and tax increases, said Tuesday evening too many congressmen value their own re-election over working with both parties to tackle the national debt.

--A look at Walter Dalton's new "hole" ad.

--A UNC system committee crafting strategy for the state’s public universities hasn’t met yet, but some students have already complained about the panel’s makeup. A student group says the UNC committee “is overwhelmingly made up of white men” who do not mirror the socio-economic makeup of North Carolina. Further, the students say the group includes corporate executives and political leaders who have presided over budget cuts to the state’s public universities.


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Yeah, great role model


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