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Morning Roundup: Goldman-Malone relationship detailed in police report

Wake school board members Debra Goldman and Chris Malone found themselves in a messy situation, which strained the rest of the board. Now it could affect the November election. Goldman is the Republican candidate for state auditor and Malone is seeking a N.C. House seat.

More political headlines:

--The race for lieutenant governor may be the highest office Democrats can win. Democrat Linda Coleman faces  Dan Forest, a conservative, tea party Republican. Meet the candidates.

--In case you missed it, here's a profile of GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, whose shifting politics has put him in the lead.

--Rob Christensen writes about the intersection of Bill Friday and politics.

--Democrat Janet Cowell's opponent in the state treasurer's race is alleging pay to play politics. Read story here.

--By literally running while running for office, Barbara Howe may have the race for best hook of North Carolina’s political season sewn up. The Libertarian candidate for governor has jogged in 5-kilometer increments through more than 90 of North Carolina’s 100 counties as part of her campaign since kicking it off in May.

--Those in Washington who make a living at predicting election outcomes describe U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell as a political version of “dead man walking” – a Democrat trying to win a third term in a district that is suddenly way more Republican. But Kissell, 61, with his common-man image and independent voting record, has surprised the political pros before. He insists he’ll do so again Nov. 6 by making his case directly to voters in the 8th District.

--With one debate and one jobs report to go, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are hurtling towards Election Day in a virtual deadlock, each convinced that victory is within reach if his campaign sticks with its plan.

--Lost in the glare generated by the presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, third-party groups backed by money from corporations and liberal-leaning organizations are trying again this fall to influence the partisan makeup of the North Carolina Legislature.

--Get-out-the-vote efforts are in full swing this weekend in North Carolina as early in-person balloting has begun.

--Authorities say a Democratic candidate for the N.C. Senate is in jail on charges that he sold prescription pills from his home. Castalia town commissioner Clarence Alexander Bender was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday by Nash County deputies. Bender is charged with three counts of trafficking opium or heroin and maintaining a place for keeping and storage of a controlled substance.


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where's the story about the Democrat heroin arrest?

Laurence Bender running for State Senate arrested for opium and heroin charges on Thursday...has this been reported here?

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