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Morning Roundup: Dalton, McCrory tax plans define governor's race

A defining question in the governor’s race will affect the pocketbooks of every North Carolina resident: Who should pay taxes and how much?

Democrat Walter Dalton and Republican Pat McCrory are traveling the state touting wildly different tax plans as part of their pitch to revive the state’s economy and remedy the persistently high jobless rate. Dalton offers modest tweaks to the tax code with a combination of incentives and tax breaks, while McCrory is pushing for a complete overhaul that could shift the state’s tax burden by billions of dollars.

Read the full story here and get a breakdown of the candidates tax plans. Also read about how McCrory and Dalton have a record of supporting tax hikes.

More political headlines:

--Rob Christensen: Last week vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was briefly in the state. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be in North Carolina. The Wisconsin-North Carolina connection is not an obvious one. But the states are more alike than one might imagine at first blush.

--William “Sandy” Darity Jr., a Duke University professor and economist, has spent the past four years touting his solution to the nation’s unemployment problem: a national jobs program that guarantees all citizens 18 and older a job with a minimum annual salary and benefits.

--Wake County Republican leaders are urging people to show up at Monday’s school board meeting to support Superintendent Tony Tata amid rumors that the board’s Democratic majority might fire him that day.


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Continuing the Easley-Perdue Administrations

I really don't think the voters want to continue the tone of the Easley & Perdue administrations.  It would not surprise me if North Carolinians opted for change in the Governor's Mansion.  Sometimes you need to remove the furniture in order to clean and air the place out.  


People are just plain tired of indictments and plea deals.

How can anyone have confidence n McCrory?

Restore confidence in the Governor's office?! McCrory is the last person for that job. He's stonewalling voters already and he hasn't even been elected. No thanks. I think it's quite obvious how little McCrory values transpanrency. And his integrity is completely unknown. He gets a big NO from me.

What defines the governor's race ?

I think the governor's race is defined by the perceived lack of integrity in the governor's office lo these past two administrations.  I believe the voters are more concerned about breaking from the past and electing someone who would restore confidence in the office of governor.  

What a joke - How can you

What a joke - How can you propose major tax reform without saying how you are going to pay for it - but I guess Myers Park Pat also nevers says how he is a lobbyist but doesn't register as one either.

Remember, unemployment doubled under Myers Park Pat's term as Mayor of Charlotte.

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