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Morning Memo: Szlosberg-Landis resigns, House tends to budget and an attack on the Wright Brothers

STEPPING DOWN: The state's Democratic Party took another blow Monday night, as vice-chair and major fundraiser Nina Szlosberg-Landis resigned. She cited her concerns over chairman Randy Voller's leadership as her reason. See Under the Dome.

PROFITABLE RELATIONSHIP: Politico takes a look at what it calls a "fresh innovation in the world of outside spending" for political candidates: "nonprofits organized around broad issues of public interest that actually function to advance the ambitions of a single candidate." Their poster children for the piece? Our own House Speaker Thom Tillis and the NC House Legislative Partners, and Mark Jacobs, a former energy executive, who is considering a run for Iowa's open Senate seat. Full story.

Good morning and welcome to Dome's Morning Memo this fine Tuesday.

TODAY AT THE STATEHOUSE: The House will convenes at 10 a.m. but it will be a no-vote session. Instead members will be focused on their budget proposal. It will in the Appropriations Committee at 8:30 this morning. From there it goes to Finance on Wednesday and then to the full House. The goal is to get it done by Thursday, and that could mean a third reading after midnight Wednesday.

The Senate meanwhile convenes at 3 p.m. with a full calendar that includes the final death knell for the Racial Justice Act.

This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider amendments to the omnibus firearms bill which allows those with concealed carry permits to take their guns into restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. That's at 10 a.m. At 11 a.m., Commerce hears the bill that rolls back energy efficiency building standards to 2009.

CLERGY TAKE A STAND: The demonstrations at the General Assembly and the arrests continued Monday night. This time protestors were led by several members of the clergy and had the support of area rabbis and bishops. Police also arrested Charlotte Observer reporter Tim Funk who was there reporting a story. Full story. To see if you recognize any faces in the crowd go to our gallery.

TAX MOVES: The House gave final approval to its tax plan Monday night. The Senate has yet to vote on either of its plans. The two chambers appear far apart but House Speaker Thom Tillis expressed confidence that the lawmakers will work out their differences and pass both a tax plan and a budget in the next three weeks. Full story.

LAWSUIT AHEAD?: The House approved a bill that redraws the election boundaries for Wake County school part seats. Now it goes back to the Senate for concurrence on some of the House changes. Full story.

SCHOOL CHOICE: The new chairman of the NC Board of Education wants to pay public school teachers more, but also said he supports giving taxpayer dollars to lower income families so their children can attend private or parochial schools. Full story.

DEFENDING OUR HONOR: Orville and Wilbur are under attack — again. Connecticut's legislature has passed a bill that insists that Connecticut deserves the first in flight moniker. They say German-born aviator Gustave Whitehead flew two years before the Wright brothers. Whitehead lived in Bridgeport , Conn., at the time of his "flight." The AP story quotes Tom Crouch, senior curator for aeronautics at the Smithsonian, as saying Whitehead's backers are "absolutely wrong."

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CO reporter arrested

Oh, the humanity. Our beloved reporters put themselves in harms way each day. Reminds me of when the big bearded Palin supporter knocked down a Greensboro reporter some years ago. I think the reporter even tore his Cotton Dockers. It's tough out there on a player.

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