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More time to write

The state Division of Air Quality, a part of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is allowing more time for public comment on the controversial Titan Cement Plant planned for Castle Hayne, near Wilmington.

Comments on the draft permit will be accepted until Nov. 20. The original deadline was Oct. 30.

Environmental groups, including the N.C. Coastal Federation and the Southern Environmental Law Center had asked for an extension.


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Re: More time to write

And don't forget: Titan has apparently just been named in a federal lawsuit re: price-fixing. Dig deeper into this one, folks....

Re: More time to write

Well you gotta remember that Roy Cooper is a career politician....nuff said?

Re: More time to write

Always seemed a little strange that Roy Cooper fights TVA pollution from other states but does nothing about the hog pollution in North Carolina. Anyone checked his flight records during campaign times?

As for Titan, I cannot not imagine what those New Hanover county commissioners are thinking. Are they trying to destroy the area?

Re: More time to write

Seems only right since Cooper is fighting the TVA to reduce air pollution from the west to not allow further discovery into a company that wants to build the fourth largest cement plant in the US here in Wilmington.

Not only will they discharge mercury and other dust particulates into the air we breathe they will be pumping 7-10 million gallons of fresh water out of the Castle Hayne aquifer daily into the Cape Fear River.

Many people in New Hanover County rely on this aquifer for their daily water supply........Titan will not only benefit by using natural resources that they will pay no royalties for but in addition they will be destroying the aquifer that thousands of people in North Carolina depend on for fresh water. On top of that Titan will be pumping toxics into injection wells possibly as far down as the Pee Dee aquifer.

On top of all this it should be noted that the New Hanover County Commissioners held private meetings with Titan for three years before announcing that they were going to offer Titan 4.2 million dollars in incentives( taxpayer monies) to come here and rape New Hanover County. Titan isn't even an American company, folks!

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