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More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

More than 1,000 people attended a conservative rally in Raleigh today.

After taking free buses from as far as Wilmington and Asheville, attendees listened to beach music and ate barbecue and fried chicken this afternoon while waiting for former Sen. Bob Dole and Republican gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory to speak.

Twenty tents shaded the crowd from 97-degree heat and showcased conservative and libertarian groups on the grassy Halifax Mall just north of the General Assembly.

Among those represented: The N.C. Republican Party, the N.C. Libertarian Party, Americans for Prosperity, the John Locke Foundation, the Civitas Institute, the Pope Center on Higher Education, Freedom Works, the Wake County Taxpayers Union, the National Taxpayers Union, the Republican Liberty Caucus, Americans for Tax Reform, the N.C. Property Rights Coalition, the Fair Annexation Coalition, Concerned Women for America, N.C. Fair Tax and WPTF radio.

Attendance was free, but donations of $5 to $10 were accepted.

"These are not wealthy people; these are grassroots people," said Americans for Prosperity state director Dallas Woodhouse.


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Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally


StopNCannexation Coalition had a booth at the Rally.

Fair Annexation DID NOT have a booth at the Take Back Our State rally.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

The $10 was the cost of the Civitas poll luncheon for those that came on the bus from Asheville.

The rally was free.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

The Republican booth was hosted by and manned entirely by the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans. I want to thank all those who stopped by.

Kim Cotten
NCFYR, Chair

Mr Terrell

I was also at the thinly veiled "conservative, non-partisan" rally and heard nothing but the same tired Republican red meat, over-cooked and past its use by date, from Republican speakers including Phil Berger whining how "Democrats have spent years hiding the numbers from us".

In the first quarter alone of 2008 Republican Paul Stam got $31,500 in PAC money including $4,000 each from NC Realtors and NC Homebuilders. This compares with $18,778 in contributions from individuals.

For the same period Republican Phil Berger pulled in $45,700 from PACs and just $10,100 from individuals. For the entire election cycle he recorded $91,500 from PACs and $10,350 from individuals.

Dan Blue has a record of contributions from individuals and PACs. Through the 1st Quarter for the entire election cycle he recorded $18,950 from PACs and $4,200 from individuals.

If you want to complain about PAC money, check with your Republican party leaders first.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

I was at the rally today. What I am running against is Dan Blues' special interest. It is very arrogant of Dan Blue to represent the cities and big business but not the citizens in his district. Take a look at his donations. They are all from PACS like ElectriCities, Time Warner and many others.
Dan Blue has openly and unconditionally endorsed Barack Obama. Obama has shown that he si not for change but is another typical power hungry politician. Why did Dan Blue file for reelection if he wasn't sure? I think Dan Blue should seriously think about representing the people in the State House 33 district. I want to retire Dan Blue from public service.

Paul Terrell III
Terrell III for State House
4549 Tollington Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27604

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

I'm impressed that the N&O reporter did not include a sentence of "I didn't see any burning crosses but there probably were some ..... "

Had it been a Lib rally the attendance would have been estimated as "MILLIONS...." as in Million Man March ..... bwahahaha.

I notice that Rob Christensen did not report on this. His parttime job as John Edwards' aide de camp must have interfered.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

Will somebody please send a busload of angry liberals to Raleigh and get all the Democrats running for office to speak to them. It would show everyone there is a little balance in the State.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

Behind Dallas and the so-called Americans for Prosperity is the Koch Family Foundation, the funding of which comes from Koch Industries the nations largest privately owned energy company, and a major polluter. Members of the Koch Family were founders of the far right John Birch Society.

Re: More than 1,000 attend Raleigh rally

The personality on WWNC advertised the cost of the trip as $10 per person. He said nothing about it being a donation.

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