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More like Virginia or Tennessee?

Is North Carolina more like Virginia or Tennessee?

That's the question on the minds of campaign managers for Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

All three states are part of the so-called "Rim South" — Southern states that aren't part of the Deep South but aren't Northern either.

UNC-Charlotte politics professor Ted Arrington said that Obama could see similarities with Virginia, which he won handily: A large military presence, a mid-sized black population, strong urban centers such as Richmond and Charlotte.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton could see parallels to Tennesse, which she won: A strong agricultural area, similar capital cities, a mid-sized black population and clusters of retirees in the mountains.

Arrington said that Obama will likely win in three Congressional districts with larger black populations represented by Reps. Mel Watt, G.K. Butterfield and Mike McIntyre.

"If they split the vote statewide, the other 10 districts would very likely go to Clinton," he said. 


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Re: More like Virginia or Tennessee?

Ahem. Show me the NC Al Gore and NC auto plants before I remotely see the built-in pluses for Hillary.

In fact, I see no reason why the outcome in NC won't mirror SC. And don't forget that the Charlotte, Wilmington etc. media markets already got a dose of Obama v. HRC. No magic there.

Sorry, wishing for some big-spending, spot-lit NC cage-match won't make it so.


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