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More legal fighting among state Democrats

Michael Carmichael, co-founder of CC & Associates, said Wednesday that he had filed a civil action for libel in Orange County Superior Court against Frank Eaton and his company Bully Documentary, Inc.

The complaint centers on Easton's video: "For the Good of the Party," which he aired last spring, which he accused state Democratic Party chairman Randy Voller of mismanaging the party and called on party activists to investigate. Among other things, he questioned how Carmichael, a consultant and friend of Voller, was being paid $6,000 per month.

"Eaton's personal non-stop campaign of slander, libel and defamation knows no bounds of decency, accuracy or integrity," Carmichael said in a statement. "Easton's video was predicated on false, misleading and defamatory allegations.''

Carmichael said that Eaton and his company were paid more than $35,000 to produce a video for the party and that since a new proposal for videos was turned down, Eaton has sought to attack Voller and people associated with him.


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Michael Carmichael Is A Fine Man

I've know Michael Carmichael for a number of years. He is a fine man, with a great understanding of how the political process works. He is one of the South's most knowledgeable Democrats, and worth every penny he earned helping Democrats in NC. He cares about the common man, and has enormous insight into how the political process works.

Considering the political laughing stock that North Carolina has become, it needs more people like Michael: not less.

Criminals fighting amongst themselves...

typical of criminal democrackkks, the original party of slavery...

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