Under the Dome

More House bills

A few notable House bills filed:

H.B. 132: Jury Duty Tax Deduction, Rep. Timothy Spear

H.B. 133: Prudent Management of Institutional Funds, Rep. Deborah Ross

H.B. 134: Assault State or Local Officer or Employee, Rep. Russell Tucker

H.B. 135: Broadband Service Providers, Reps. Bill Faison, Joe Tolson, Phil Haire and Thom Tillis

H.B. 137: Capital Procedure / Severe Mental Disability, Reps. Verla Insko, Pricey Harrison, Larry Womble and Paul Luebke

H.B. 149: Require Arts Educ. Credit for Graduation, Reps. Becky Carney, Rick Glazier, Alma Adams and Linda Johnson

H.B. 154: Appoint State Superintendent, Rep. Leo Daughtry

H.B. 155: Appoint State School Superintendent, Reps. Haire, Harold Brubaker, Johnson and Marvin Lucas


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Re: More House bills

I have a suggestion for the legislators offering a constitutional amendment making the state superintendent of schools an appointed position. I agree with them! But they also need to change Article 9 of the Constitution ( to say that the superintendent is the CHAIRMAN (not the secretary) of the board of education. This sort of accomplishes what Gov. Perdue set out to do: put together the chairman and CEO into one accountable official.

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