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Moore: Spitzer downfall 'sad'

Richard Moore will not be sending Eliot Spitzer's donations back.

At a press conference today, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate was asked if he would return the $4,000 from the former New York governor and his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer.

He responded by noting that his rival, Beverly Perdue, has not returned contributions from former Board of Transportation member Thomas Betts.

"I would love to talk about returning campaign contributions when the lieutenant governor returns all of the DOT bundling money that she's been taking," he said.

He was then asked about his thoughts on Spitzer, who once held a fundraiser for him and had praised Moore at an event in Asheville.

"I feel very sad for his family," he said. "I think most of you know that Silda has a lot of connections to North Carolina as a native and a graduate of Meredith. I really feel for she and their three daughters. It's a sad time."


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Re: Moore: Spitzer downfall 'sad'

Silda Wall Spitzer should be ashamed of standing with him AND begging him NOT to resign.

Somehow its always OK, just fine, when a democrat strays from values, right? there's that double standard again...strive to be smarter.

Re: Moore: Spitzer downfall 'sad'

I feel sad for Spitzer's family too, but that doesn't mean I'd want to hang on to contributions from a guy who was signing tougher anti-prostitution legislation while visiting prostitutes or fighting fraud while structuring his payments to "escort" services.

He should return ALL of the contributions received at the NY fundraiser hosted by Spitzer and not just the $4,600.

Re: Moore: Spitzer downfall 'sad'

Glad to see the grammar police on the blog don't just pick on me.

— RTB 

Re: Moore: Spitzer downfall 'sad'

Did he really say "I feel for she and her three children?" He ought to have said, "I feel for her and her three children."

"Him" should know better.

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