Under the Dome

Milk chugged for charity

The atmosphere was more Thunderdome than Under the Dome at the annual House vs. Senate milk-chugging for charity contest Wednesday.

Pages and legislative assistants hollered for their favorite chamber ("Go Senate! Come on House!) and specators jockeyed for a view of six distiguished public officeholders sucking on straws jammed into tiny plastic milk bottles.

Rep. David Lewis, a Dunn Republican, was not above a little pre-chug smack talk.

"This is the sound of your defeat," he said to his Senate opponents as he silently popped off the plastic cap of one of his milk bottles.

The contest was sponsored by the state's dairy industry and the Department of Agriculture.

Reps. Lewis, Arthur Williams (D-Washington) and Roger West (R-Marble) challenged Sens. Joe Sam Queen (D-Waynesville), Bob Atwater (D-Chapel Hill) and Andrew Brock (R-Mocksville).

It appeared to be a fair contest, although there were some rumblings about non-regulation straws and early chugging. The Senate team finished first, earning $200 for their favorite, as yet unnamed, charity. The House team will get $100 for charity.

(News & Observer photo by TAKAAKI IWABU).


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Re: Milk chugged for charity

And us taxpayers paid each legislator $104 in per diem money yesterday to chug milk instead of working on passing a budget. It was taxpayer money wasted because every second the general assembly is in session right now should be spent on passing a budget. They should be working 24 hours a day since they were unwilling to pass a budget by June 30th. Another waste of time and taxpayer money by the general assembly. Keep this event in mind when you go to the polls. Remember us taxpayers are paying the general assembly as a whole $17,600 every day in per diem money. Was it worth that amount of money for the publicity of chugging milk. I don't think so.

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