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Mike McIntyre is here -- and so are most N.C. Democratic officials

Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre knows the question before it's asked. "Yes, I'm here. I'm Mike McIntyre."

"Here" is the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. A question entering the convention was whether moderate Democrats -- particularly electorally endangered ones -- would appear at event. To appear allows opponents to paint them with the broad brush of the party, when candidates like McIntyre often distance themselves.

U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell is not attending. But the other other major Democrat not scheduled to make an appearance in Charlotte is Attorney General Roy Cooper, statye officials said. Cooper is running unopposed this year.

McIntyre, who will speak to the state delegation Tuesday morning, is also hosting a fundraiser at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He called the convention "a great way to showcase North Carolina. It's also a great way to boost theeconomy."

McIntyre made headlines earlier this year for refusing to endorse President Barack Obama. He is staying through Wednesda and will miss the president's acceptance speech. Republicans didn't take long to try and make political hay. "Mike McIntyre is all dressed up and ready to party with President Obama, while North Carolina families are suffering the consequences of their reckless spending policies," Andrea Bozek, the National Republican Campaign Committee spokeswoman said in a statement.

At the N.C. delegation breakfast Monday, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and State Treasurer Janet Cowell spoke to the group. "I'm here all week," Cowell said.

Other Democrats -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, Superintendent June Atkinson, Auditor Beth Wood and labor candidate John Brooks -- are expected later this week, as is Patsy Keever, who's running against Republican Patrick McHenry.


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