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Medical marijuana push to begin again

Supporters of legalizing the medical use of marijuana are touting a new poll showing that a majority of North Carolinians support such a move.

A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm in Raleigh, found that 58 percent of North Carolinians believe that physicians should have the right to prescribe marijuana for patients. Another 33 percent were opposed, and 9 percent were undecided.

Rep. Kelly Alexander, a Democrat from Charlotte, is expected to introduce a bill when the legislature convenes Wednesday, legalizing the medical use of marijuana, said Perry Parks, executive director of the N.C. Cannabis Patients Network.

Supporters of the legislation have scheduled a rally at the Legislative Building on Feb. 12.


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Legalize Medical Marijuana and Cultivate it in NC

In spite of four decades of demonization by the government and the media, the scientific community has provided incontrovertible evidence of the medical benefits of marijuana/cannabis. We must have compassion for the sick, and we must stop the irrational default to prohibition of marijuana and other potentially therapeutic drugs. Another commentator makes the point about the economy of NC - and it would make perfect sense to cultivate cannabis/hemp a curative medicine to make amends for centuries of cultivation of tobacco that has led to millions of premature deaths - including my own brother. We must prevent our laws from being controlled by those people with a fundamentalist agenda of any sort - irrational, anti-science or even the religious obsessions of charlatans.

The NC Medical Cannabis Act

If you have an interest in helping us overcome the misinformation about this plant and its incredible medicinal properties, join us at the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network ( as we support the new Medical Cannabis Act.

Please, don't take our word for it..go to the National Cancer Institute web page and read about how it kills cancer cells while "protecting the normal or non-transformed cells".

NC Medical Cannabis Act

It is time for action in the state of NC towards the legalization of medical cannabis. As a recent medically retired disabled veteran, I chose to stay in NC and start my new life here. I, and many others, could greatly benefit from safe access to cannabis and it's proven health benefits. I have been subjected to routine invasive procedures and prescribed a veritable pharmacopeia of drugs to treat my service connected injuries. I have since given up taking all narcotic based medications and returned all my unused prescriptions to my provider. I have decided to live with and manage my pain through activity level than live a life medicated. I have seen the horrors of opiate based addiction in many friends and fellow combat veterans. I wouldn't wish that struggle on anyone. Currently, our veterans can be denied treatment by the VA if we are to test positive for cannabis. The side effects of many prescription drugs to me far outweigh any small benefit they provide. Speaking personally, it's a quality of life issue. Were I allotted the freedom to choose a natural medication in the form of cannabis as a treatment option, I most certainly would. It is worth noting, I am NOT currently using cannabis due to the fact I am seeking continued employment and do not wish to risk my access to medical care through any military or VA treatment facility. I should not have to feel like a criminal to make choices about how I treat my pain. I have no criminal record, held a US security clearance for 17 years, pay my taxes and volunteer in my community. I am a husband and father. I am like anyone else in this state. I have spent my entire adult life defending this country and the ideals I hold so dearly. Please do not turn your back of me and so many other whose sacrifices have been even greater.
Secondary to medical use, I believe we should explore the use of industrial hemp. It is sustainable, profitable, and more efficient than the commonly used materials in textile, paper and construction today. Hemp biofuels are also making great advances, with a larger production capacity than what is currently afforded by corn or sugar based ethanol.
As a citizen of this state, I am asking the NC legislature to pass a bill allowing for the regulated, taxed use of medical and industrial cannabis. The benefits for the state are vast, both economically and socially. The time for change is now. Let North Carolina once again be a leader in this country.

Compassion is utmost

In North Carolina we can find a wide range of people. From the mountains to the ocean we are an awesomely diverse state. I would never want to live in another state. With any state there comes a time when the people need to speak up about the injustices that creep up from time to time. Now is the time to have a real conversation about the use of tried and true medication. Cannabis was used for its medicinal qualities in our own country till 1937. There are a number of theories as to why cannabis was outlawed or prohibited, then under the DEA it was buried in 1972.
I personally can attest that the current system of treating chronic pain is troubling. Giving people the option of narcotic opiate based medication or suffer. I am as active as I can be, but there are days that my medication and pain limits my daily routine. I am an active member of society, I pay taxes, I work, I have kids, I attend church regularly, and I am involved in community planning and outreach.
I am uninsurable and must pay for my medications out of pocket and to manage my pain legally I spend around $400 a month. I would like to have the option of taking my money and using toward a medication that does not cause migraines, nausea, mood swings, physical dependency or drain me of life and energy.
You may be thinking by now that I partake in the forbidden fruit. I say judge me not by the words that I write but by the impact I have on the world around me. If you are on the fence about the issue, take a look, do some research, ask questions or better yet join the fight.
There are so many dedicated individuals at NCCPN, read their stories, understand the suffering and sacrifices many have made for our country. Do not judge a book by its cover, read the contents then make a choice.

Medical Marijuana For North Carolina

The reasons to Legalize Medical Marijuana in NC far outweigh the reasons NOT to. The Absolute Main reason is for the Veterans and Patients who will benefit from it just as studies show they do in the 18 states who already have it legal. Veterans who legally use Doctor prescribed cannabis get medicine that the Veterans Adminastration has stated helps them with a wide variety of service related / established medical conditions. The Veterans in THIS state should NOT be denied what is legal to Veterans in OTHER states. NOR SHOULD PATIENTS!!!!
And now the other reasons...The REVENUE and JOBS that the cannabis industry will create. JUST the Medical Cannabis would generate millions in revenues and taxes in the first year. And if NC would implement a hemp growing program for NC farmers as suggested in the previous post above, the revenues and taxes would be in the millions and millions of dollars. Hemp is NOT MARIJUANA. It is a sub=species with only a small trace of THC and has thousands of uses thereby creating MORE jobs and industry. Hemp oil for cooking in fast food restaraunts would reduce the weight of people in this country by 40% making them healthier. There are thousands of MODERN SCIENTIFIC STUDIES and REPORTS that will verify these FACTS. Anyone who clings to old and outdated information needs to open their eyes and accept the TRUTH about these plants and allow for more and more research to help one day maybe even find a CURE for CANCER. If North Carolina wants to be a modern and progressive state then North Carolina needs to stop burying its head in the sand and ignoring the FACTS. If we were one of the first Southern states to legalize Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp then NORTH CAROLINA would be the LEADER in the South for Medical Marijuana and Industrial hemp cultivation. We are a FARMING state....Why are we not farming a plant that has so many, many industrial uses and also helps replenish our atmosphere....??
As for reasons NOT to pass this legislation I for one can think of none that outweigh the benefits of passing it. If you say its a gateway drug, thats a lie....Modern research proves that to be false. If you say it will harm our young people then consider this..a large percentage of young people use it anyway and a police record or being thrown is prison and having a record and losing out on good jobs as a result ...which is the worst? High Court Costs and fines and police records are what they have now. Keeping it illegal only fuels the black market trade and subjects everyone young and old to engage in criminal activity just to aquire some.
I support Medical Marijuana for this state 100%. It is not only the RIGHT thing to do it is the most SENSIBLE thing to do since it is going to happen eventually anyway because the PEOPLE will DEMAND it soon enough.
Many Thanks to Mr. Parks and ALL who support this issue for having the determination and courage to stand up for for the citizens of North Carolina. To pass this legislation would be a turning point for North Carolina in the direction of economic recovery. Please come to Raleigh on FEB. 12th to SUPPORT MEDICAL CANNABIS for NORTH CAROLINA's Veterans and Patients!! AND for the STATE'S ECONOMY!! THANK YOU!!!

Legalize Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp in NC Please!!

We at want and need help!!
I myself am tired of all the pills that I have to take!!
Us at also need your help with getting, President Obama to get Medical Cannabis in all 50 States to help this nation out and ship to others that want it ie maybe Israel that has legal Cannabis, and to re introducing the House Bill 577 or what number it gets for Medical Cannabis for North Carolina!!
It does not have to be combustibly smoked it can be vaperized, eaten, drank, lotions,etc.

I am a paraplegic T-9-11 in a wheelchair since 1984 and have many problems, and have 2 types of arthritis, muscle spasms, pain, nausea, no appetite, bad sleep and am tired of pills that do little or too much, and kill livers, kidneys, stomachs. I and other sick people want and deserve the compassion to get Medical Cannabis in this state, it would help us needing medicine that are tired of the Pill gambit and the people who can and or will grow and sell it being as Medical Cannabis products or would be putting Tax money into a state and country that needs new revenue Bad and this would be a good addition to other industries that these two commodities can create!! and it would stop putting people who just want some relief out of harms way and easing the jails and prisons with people filled for petty marijuana/Cannabis crimes.

We want to help this state and country and the people in it, and need your help getting President Obama to help the states without it get it legal, and this States 577 Bill re introduced.
Please look at the 21st century side and not the 19th century, the past.

Let use come out of the 19th century and get into the 21st, there are many uses for this plant it does not Kill, Pills do!, just a few pills can kill, a bag full of weed Can't!! Cannabis is not evil, Pills are the scurge not Cannabis!
Marinol is a legal pharmacutical and has THC, which I have been on an off of because of Insurance and Dr's afraid to Rx it to me, and is crazy expensive. Big Pharma. is not quite rite and Nature is pure, safe and rite.
I take : 2-4 Norcofor pain, 3 Valium for spasms, 4 Baclofen for spasms, 2 Gabapentinfor numbness in arms and shoulders and sleep, 2-4 Promethozine for nausua, and over the counter heartburn med. for my stomach from all the pills I have had to take and have messed my stomach up the yrs.
This could almost all be done away with if there were Medical Cannabis in the State of North Carolina to substitute for some of the pills!
Industrial Hemp would help with all kinds of Bio-Green materials, from fuels to clothing.
Please read up on the Subject and Help us out.
The sick don't have much time and the pills just make things worse a lot of time!

The NC Medical Cannabis Act

If you have an interest in helping us overcome the misinformation about this plant and its incredible medicinal properties, join us at the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network ( as we support the new Medical Cannabis Act.

Please, don't take our word for it..go to the National Cancer Institute web page and read about how it kills cancer cells while "protecting the normal or non-transformed cells".

I am disabled from PTSD and Chronic Pain. After discovering the truth about Cannabis, I have given up many of the narcotics I have been prescribed for years. This is too important, given the fact that Narcotics are now the leading cause of death for people, surpassing auto crashes in 2009.

Please go to the website and review some of the information.

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