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Medicaid manager gets 25% pay hike after $237,500 in overtime

The Medicaid manager who made $237,500 in overtime over the last four years recently received a 25 percent raise, The N&O's Joe Neff reports.

Angie Sligh, the Medicaid Management Information System director, is now being paid an annual salary of $134,944, according to DHHS spokesman Brad Deen. State personnel records regularly obtained by The News & Observer show that her salary was listed as $107,944 on January 11, 2013.

Sligh received the raise as the State Auditor was wrapping up an investigation into overtime payments of $580,000 to Health and Human Services employees who don't normally qualify for overtime.

Most of the overtime went to managers and executive-level job-holders working on the new Medicaid billing system. Sligh, who leads the office working on the new system, received 40 percent of the overtime. There was no written authorization for the overtime payments.

The audit said that the overtime payments ended Jan. 31, 2013.

The Medicaid system has racked up huge cost overruns while running years behind schedule. The system was was supposed to be working in mid-2011. The audit was one of several state audits in the last two years critical of DHHS computer systems and their management.

Sligh did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Deen, the spokesman, said the raise was approved within the department under the previous administration. Deen said he could not answer any other questions, including what role, if any, was played by Sligh's boss, Assistant Secretary for Finance Dan Stewart, who retired last month.


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Typical state BS

I'd say I'm shocked but I'm not. We've had positions frozen and have to now outsource jobs through temp agencies (which end up costing us much more than a permanent hire) yet the "no raises, no exceptions" continues to be violated, first by UNC, now by DHHS.

Time to clean house. Oh wait, maybe after Wos gets her shiny new building.

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